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  1. What do you think of Salena getting the job in Austin, Texas and moving as well. And I wander how Julie got sick in Ashley and Jack's Baby as well.

  2. How is everything going with you right now.

  3. Be right back my time is running out right now as well.

  4. Talk to you tomorrow or later.

  5. talk to you tomorrow or later.

  6. It seems that Angel wants to be awake more now as well.

  7. Have you ever seen Secondhand Lions I just seen last night it's was wonderful.

  8. I hope you don't mind me fast forwarding Ashley and Matt's Love Story by Nine Months now as well.

  9. How is school did you start yet.

  10. I hope you don't mind too much I fast forwarded the story by Nine Months and Ashley had her baby, Amanda had her baby and well Angel married David and moved to Beverly Hills and had identical twins girls as well.

  11. You like Round Robins because I have one called Ashley and Jack's Baby it's right now 809 pages strong right as well.

  12. hey there what's cooking?

  13. How was your weekend Lizzy?

  14. Hi there I discovered Facebook and this game called farmville I think I am superberrie farmer now as well.

  15. Hey there what's up with you today.

  16. Hey there can you please leave a post on "Ashley and Jack's Baby or "Ashley and Matt's Love Story" maybe from Uncle Jesse point of view of what's going with his family right now. In Ashley and Jack's Baby, it seems that Bo and Shannon's daughter Cassidy is in a diabetic coma and so is Daisy's son Clay as well and they just found out in the past five years about Mathew David Johnson and Amanda Spencer and well it seems that Uncle Jesse might want to talk to Ashley and Matt right now on on one of them about what is going right now with them as well.

  17. Talk to you tomorrow then.

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