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  1. I read your entire "Wanted: Dead or Alive" over the weekend and your character would be great on "Ashley and Jack's Baby" maybe Bo's long lost son that suddenly appears shocking him and Shannon and their family as well.

  2. Did you get my Farmville invite yet?

  3. I will be gone after 5:25 pm.

  4. that's good what do you think of Matt again not listening and getting sick now.

  5. What do you think Julie getting transferred to Pearl Harbor and then extending her tour of duty to two more years now.

  6. Want to post on "God Is Great, Beer Is Good and People Are Crazy" with me today?

  7. Not now we will keep going as well, okay as long as we still have ideas for it or until it merges with Ashley and Matt's Love Story as well.

  8. I was thinking we could end "Ashley and Jack's Baby" at page 1000 now.

  9. I was thinking we could end "Ashley and Jack's Baby" at page 1000 now.

  10. Yeah. Just an idea right now.

  11. What do you think of what's going on "Ashley and Matt's Love Story" and "Ashley and Jack's Baby" right now. My friend Ashley had this idea that we could progress in another story to where Nathaniel, Christopher, Lucas and Artan and Mattie are eighteen years old or around that age and everybody younger as well. What do you think of the idea I have no idea what we could call it right now as well. We would have to include all of their siblings as well.

  12. Hey there I hope you don't mind but Cassidy woke up in "Ashley and Jack's Baby" and can't seem to stop talking right now which nobody seems to mind right now as well.

  13. After this sunday I won't be online on sundays anymore budgets cuts at the libraries now.

  14. I went to a Creed Concert last night.

  15. hey texasdaisy if you want to jump right in go ahead I don't mind now,

  16. Just wandering on "Ashley and Jack Baby" somewhere around page 101 there is Matt is that Lizzy's ex-husband I had somebody that is was as well and last night I went to the Creed Concert as well.

  17. Want to join me on "Ashley and Jack's Baby" today?

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