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  1. hey I was thinking what is Kaylee's last name and what is her and Trevor's son name as well.

  2. What if Matt and Clay decide to come see as Salena is visiting right now as well?

  3. I think George has some ways like Bo because he was teasing him about all of his siblings now.

  4. I think George has Bo's personalty, because he was kidding him about all of his siblings in one of my posts now.

  5. I wonder if Alex planned on getting rid of Sam, Cassidy and him as well.

  6. Could be get a accesory on the kidnapping now?

  7. Little tidbits seem to be coming back to George right now as well?

  8. Is it possible for the grey eye to mean he is blind in that eye or could that be a cataract that he's had since a little boy and they will discover or something like that.

  9. So his name is George William Carter where does he get the brown eye from then.

  10. What is his last name and the kid doesn't even know who he is right now as well?

  11. I like that intersecting, how old was he when she gave him up then?

  12. What is Lizzy and Bo's son name we haven't discussed this yet.

  13. Will he ever tell Artan and Lucas he is their father then.

  14. Is Josh trying to make a comeback into Salena and the boys life now as well.

  15. I was think what if on "Ashley and Jack's Baby" that Lizzy comes to see Ashley and Julie even thow they both feel lousy and the Nurse told her it wasn't a good idea but she just doesn't care right now as well.

  16. I wander what Luke is going to say about Salena's a little bit of fame right now as well.

  17. Good Morning to ya.

  18. I will be on tomorrow got to be going. The Blonde hair kid doesn't remember anything which might proof to be difficult now and well he doesn't know who brought him here as well.

  19. sounds okay with me does Cowboy want to join on or something.

  20. Bryon Cherry is my friend on Facebook.

  21. Hey what if Bo went to see what's troubling his Cassie Girl at Lizzy's eventually.

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