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  1. K-Duke15

    A amazing video

    I love this video. The song goes so well with the pictures in it. I know that I could almost cried. Bet ya'll might too.
  2. Oh my. I just love the song. I've only heard the sample. So cool. I so want it.
  3. This is what OJ looks like. He has some amazing green eyes that everyone just loves.
  4. That's a good idea. I never would have thought of naming him General. Maybe we could get another orange cat.
  5. Its like just because they watched it when they were my age, they should just enjoy that i like something like that and not one of the shows that are on now-a-days that are bad.
  6. Well I really would name my pet after a Duke character but the only pet I have for now is my orange cat named OJ. Person before us named him. I just hope that when we get a bigger house we could get another cat or something else, then I might secretly name it Bo or Luke or after some character because my parents are going to tease me that I'm obsessed with it (even though it's true).
  7. My user name is miss.prissypants25 and my first DoH story is New life, new things. Please help make it better and reply.
  8. Yah i know. I didn't realise it when i typed in the title of the poll. do you know if i can change it? I looked but i didn't see an option.
  9. Sorry about the poll. It's asking where in Ohio you live. But its cool to know you're from Ireland.
  10. Sorry about the poll. I guess i should have been specific. I ment where in ohio you live in.
  11. I'm an Ohioan and proud of it. I love the Dukes of Hazzard and probly the only student in my school that knows about it or love it. I'm slowly admiting to liking it but I'm doing really good at it. I hope there is more people from Ohio on here. I'd love to chat.
  12. Well thank ya HossC

  13. So I'm a newbe still to Dukes of Hazzard but I do have a story going. It's called New life, new things. I'm going to write other stories but it may be a little while. Here's the link to it and hope ya'll help me with my facts and things. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7382097/1/
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