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  1. So the night before, me and my parents were watching the new Mick and Molly for the week. And wouldn't ya know, there was a reference to Dukes of Hazzard. Now thats not the only thing that I've watched with a Dukes reference. A episode just a month or so ago I think of Raising Hope had a reference. Now I think that the Dukes are starting to be popular again. What do ya think?
  2. I watch Warehouse 13 with my dad. I love it. It's so cool.
  3. Welcome to HazzardNet

  4. My surname is Bolin: Swedish: ornamental name composed of the elements bo ‘farm’ + -lin, suffix of Swedish family names. OV, LP Then my mom's is Rupp: German: from a short form of Rupprecht. EG I found these on Ansestory.com
  5. That is so cool. He's 11 days and like 37 years older than me. It's really weird to think that. But I never thought how much older he is to me. You brought that to my mind. It's really cool to think.
  6. I know this is a weird question but where are you when you get on HazzardNet? For me, right now I'm in my computer class. I also get on at my house on my computer, sometimes my mom's when I need to.
  7. Thats all really cool. I will have to say that I wouldn't have fallen in love with it if my mom didn't let me and my brother stay up late. And if there was something different on at that time or we had something recorded to watch, then I wouldn't have watched it. I don't know what my life would be like without it. I think that one of the things I would have missed out on would be being able to talk to all these great people and making new friends all over the world.
  8. 3rd chapter's up. Anyone been reading my story?
  9. I was just thinking about what episode everyone else saw that got them hooked on the Dukes. I know a lot of ya have been with it since the time the first episode aired but I want to know. For me it was when I watched part of "Undercover Dukes part 2" .At least that's the first one I've seen. It's the first one in my memory. It was during the summer. Me and my brother wanted to stay up late and our mom aloud us, and I think it was her choice to put it on since there was nothing else on. I then took a break and finally decided to record "Daisy's Song" and I've gotten hooked on it. What was your first episode?
  10. I've been bored lately and can't seem to find the right pictures to edit. Do anybody here want some edited. I would prefure to do Dukes of Hazzard pics but I think I could do any. One way would look like this. What it does is that it turns the picture black and white and you can choose which parts you want to be color. Another way could look like this. This I can make black and white or add text to it or even add stickers. Just post the picture(s) on here or you can send it in a private message.
  11. I got the next chapter up. Here's the 1st chapter. Please read, and comment on it and comment on here too.
  12. I finished watching it a few minutes ago. I will admit that I laughed at some parts. I guess I can live with it and maybe watch it again sometime when I feel like it. It seems like USA and another channel are showing it a lot. It's crazy.
  13. Okay, I will admit that now I'm about an hour into it, it is a little better. But I still love the show better.
  14. I recorded the movie on USA because I was couriouse about what it was like. I'm only 36 minutes into the movie now and I hate it. It's way off from the show and it's just stupid. I will never watch it again but I will finish it. At least I know what it's like now.
  15. This is really cool. I never saw it. I might do one of these. Thanks for it.
  16. I was thinking the other day about some ways to write stories and i thought of one. Last year for one of my launguge arts classes we had to write a story about a picture and i thought it would work for here. We just need pics or stills from the show and we would write stories. Whatcha'll think?
  17. Thats cool. I just searched Dukes of Hazzard into google and that was one of the pictures that came up I think.
  18. Those are so cool. I don't have many but I have some on muzy. Tell me what you think. You can also send my some pics that you might want done. You can also download the pics on there too if you like. Thats what I have done. I also have an album on here with all these pictures of ones I've edited or created. Hope ya like.
  19. Well I was just editting some DoH pics and a question poped into my head,"What way to other people like to edit pictures?" I like to use picnik. I also like to use some of the apps on muzy.com. Mainly the photo brush which is where they turn a photo black and white and then you can turn any part of the picture you want into color. Thats what I'm doing right now and I have some fun seeing what DoH picks I can work with. So, what do you guys use to edit pictures?
  20. I started a new story "Don't You Recognize Your Own Kin?". It is about a old friend of the Dukes that visits after a long time. They will go on many adventures and relationships will change. Do you think the Dukes will survive the road they end up on? Please read, comment, and review. I need to know all ya guys' opinions.
  21. Thanks guys. I also have ones for the episode descriptions. Here is the link to all my other things I have done.
  22. Here is a wordle for all the episode names for the Dukes of Hazzard.
  23. Thanks. If ya want to make something different and make it your own you can go to picnik and make your own cards or scrapbook pages or even tags with your own photos. Even edit them.
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