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  1. I figured it’d been discussed before ...there’s just so much on this site that it’s sometimes hard to know exactly where everything might be at—which is actually a good thing, in itself! Very weird that they’d have the junkyard guy even say the line “68 Coupe”...when everyone knows the General is a 69...why didn’t Tom Wopat catch it when directing?? Very strange blooper...but still awesome episode nonetheless!
  2. Okay...I still say the Strange Visitor alien episode is the worst! But, I gotta say...the Robot P. Coltrane one was right behind it. Season 7 actually started off pretty good, in my opinion...but the robot episode was a definite nose-dive.
  3. I’m sure this has been brought up before, but I am currently watching the episode Happy Birthday General Lee right now. We all know the General Lee was a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T (although all models of both 69 & 68 Chargers were all customized to be the General for the show). However, in this episode (7th Season premiere—& directed by Tom Wopat) the old-codger junk car dealer tells the gold dust robbers that the Duke boys bought the...wrecked black “68 Coupe”, when they break out of jail & come looking for it. But, why did he say that?? The old black Charger the robbers first drove then Bo & Luke buy wasn’t a 68, it was a 69 like it was supposed to be...so it wasn’t like they got a 68 but turned it into a 69. I’ve never understood that “inaccuracy” or “wrong-remark”?
  4. Definitely a huge fan...lived & breathed Dukes when it was on, growing up!! I don’t know everything by any means, but I love to digress episodes, characters, plots, cars, etc...
  5. I just remembered that Sorrell Booke (aka Boss) directed this episode! Why he would have been okay with the bizarre dubbed-voice is also beyond me? Even if, for whatever reason that I still don’t understand, they felt they needed to dub Danny Cooksey’s voice with someone else’s...why wouldn’t they get another boy’s voice? Just some more Hazzard-food for thought.
  6. Lol, it’s not terrifying by any means...but for “Dukes” this is about as spooky as it gets! Wish they’d of made it just a little more scary, but for early 80s TV & a family oriented show, they could only do so much.
  7. Good to know! I swear I’ve seen it used in some episodes of other shows, though. Not positive (I’d have to get my DVDs back out to check) but if I remember right I think this house was used as a ‘spooky’ house in a ghost-type episode of Wonder Woman, a few years earlier than “Dukes”...but I could be mistaken. Haven’t watched W.W. in years!
  8. I remember watching this episode when it originally aired and I was growing up...I like spooky/scary stuff, so this is one of my favorites of 3rd Season! But, the old “haunted” mansion used looks familiar...like I’ve seen it on another show and/or movie. Does anyone know if it was showcased in anything else?
  9. I have never really noticed the “hiding” of actual vehicle brand names before until now...and I’ve seen “Dukes” several times. But it does seem they hide or cover up brand logos or names on the cars, and they don’t use actual names (such as Chevy, Ford, or Plymouth). Other than Daisy’s Jeep, a lot of the cars used are old and not brand new models...and look to probably have been cars already on the studio lot...so I’m still not sure why the hiding of car brands or names was necessary??
  10. I’ve seen his Different Strokes episodes, Smoky Mountain Christmas TV movie, & other things he’s been in. His voice was not weird or “whiny”...I don’t understand why it needed to be dubbed over?? Even so, the voice they ‘did’ use was seriously creepy and bizarre! They should have used Danny’s real voice. Lol...never had shine (not illegal shine, anyway) but I do like wine! Right now I’m enjoying some Budweiser while watching “Dukes” (in bottles that is...no cans! Kind of a beer-snob, lol)!
  11. Interesting! Perhaps this is true, but they should have gotten another boy, as “June” is really creepy & bizarre for the voice of Terry Lee. As I said before, it kind of “throws” or ruins the episode.
  12. Danny Cooksey was on Different Strokes for a while, and did other TV movies and projects at the time. I don’t ever remember his voice being irritating? One TV movie I remember him in was the Dolly Parton & Lee Majors Christmas movie A Smoky Mountain Christmas, which was supposed to be about a mountain/backwoods area...and his voice would have been perfect for “Dukes”. Plus, the voice they used to dub over his in this episode is VERY irritating and even kind of creepy! I still don’t get it??
  13. Just watched A Boy’s Best Friend last night. I remember this one from when it originally aired and I’ve seen it probably once since. Cute episode with the “Flashes”. But, I’d forgotten that they’d overdubbed Danny Cooksey’s (Terry Lee’s) voice, with what sounds like a creepy grown woman trying to sound like a little boy. Why?? I’ve never understood that...he was a child actor and did many other projects—& his voice wasn’t “strange” or off-sounding at all. Why would they need to dub it with someone else...especially with how bizarre & fake it sounded? It actually kind of “throws” the episode...with what otherwise might have been one of the most heart-felt ones.
  14. Even if they taped letters on, it was still a Plymouth...not sure why they’d do that?? But, covering up brands and their logos/names because they didn’t want to probably have to pay royalties to those companies for the use of their products, makes a little more sense. But, a lot of the cars were older and most likely studio cars already on the lot (for bad guys & guest stars anyway) so I wouldn’t think having to cover anything up would be necessary? Also, from what I understand Jeep gave the show a couple new Jeeps to use and of course promote with Daisy. So covering up the name and logos makes literally no sense??
  15. Some AMC cars were used...but Jeep was/is owned by Chrysler—which also owned divisions Dodge & Plymouth.
  16. One thing I’ve noticed about Uncle Jesse’s truck in the show, is lots of times there’s kind of a “blacked-out” strip on the tailgate where it would say ‘Ford’. Is this because Ford hadn’t officially endorsed their brand to be used in the show & producers didn’t want to have to pay them, or something? Just curious...
  17. Lol, actually he “closes” the door...but the editing job didn’t quite cut out the obvious ‘regular’ entry into a car. I still can’t believe after all these years I’ve not caught it until now.
  18. Lol, you could...or you could order it online now! I really wish some diecast company would come out with Boss Hogg’s Cadillac!
  19. It came today...1:18 scale diecast model of Uncle Jesse’s white 1973 Ford Truck F-100, by Greenlight—it’s awesome!! It’s now displayed with my Uncle Jesse action figure standing outside the driver’s side & Cooter’s action figure standing on the passenger side...next to the General Lee w/Bo & Luke action figures sitting out of the windows, Daisy’s 1971 Plymouth Satellite w/Daisy’s action figure sitting on the hood, and Rosco’s 1977 Plymouth Fury Patrol car (also by Greenlight...General Lee & Satellite are by Auto World) w/Rosco’s, Cletus/Enos’ & Boss Hogg’s action figures standing around it! The Greenlight models are not officially stated “Dukes of Hazzard” on the boxes, as I think there’s licensing issues if you state it directly from the show...but the models are meant to be from the show—even with the Georgia license plate from “Dukes” on the truck & Rosco’s patrol car is a “Hazzard County” sheriffs car. Now all they need to make is a model of Boss Hogg’s Cadillac! The only issue I have with the Greenlight models is they don’t have a working steering wheel...therefore the tires don’t turn & so you can’t pose the wheels like the cars are getting ready to turn a corner. But other than that they are amazing!
  20. The alien Dukes one is pretty darn bad...but I think you’re right, as the Miami Vice alien one is worse, lol!
  21. That’s the episode I mentioned...#16 in Season 4 is Shine On Hazzard Moon. I thought that was right but wasn’t positive.
  22. Yeah, for some reason several shows in the 80s thought they had to do an alien/UFO type episode...they all were ridiculous! However, another 80s show, Miami Vice, had not only the worst & most pathetic alien-episode ever (“Missing Hours”), it is without a doubt the worst episode of any show in TV history!! Doubt me...watch it. It’s been years since I’ve seen “Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Duke”—I’m currently going through Dukes again, so I’ll have to re-familiarize myself with it soon.
  23. I could be wrong but would this possibly be Shine On Hazzard Moon...where Boss forces Jesse to make shine again or he’ll send Bo & Luke to prison for the “supposed” theft of the orphanage fund—that was in a trick box the town was donating to at the Boars Nest? Could be mistaking this for a different episode, though.
  24. Referring back to my earlier post above—I looked, and yes Greenlight is getting ready to release an official 1:18 scale diecast model of Sheriff Little’s 1975 Fury Chickasaw County cop car...you can pre-order it now. Just FYI.
  25. Greenlight also is getting ready to release a 1:18 scale diecast model of Sheriff Little’s 1975 Fury Chickasaw County cop car...they’re taking pre-orders for it as well as Dixie, so maybe it’s getting released at the same time Daisy’s Jeep Dixie is?
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