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  1. Welcome to Hazzarednet.

  2. Don't know what to says...LOL

  3. LOL....Funny. I have like 7. But if you go on this one site i join i have 3,999

  4. WOW you have alot of posts!!!

  5. Miss Blu

    Ray Stevens

    I love his song "Sittin Up With Dead" It's so funny
  6. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!!!!
  7. LOL. Sorry it take so long to reply back. and Happy Valentine's Day!!

  8. OMG i love that show, well not really i just like Charles. aka Michael Landon I like BONANZA better MB
  9. Been really busy with school, golf, and work lol. How bout you?

  10. Hello. How are you? Congrtats on the fan of the month back in November!!!

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