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  1. I've been good. Gone through a lot of changes. I'm 16 now XD Junior in high school. Just had my prom..Got my ears peirced a second time and a lot of other stuff XD

  2. Hey long time no see! I really think its time that I get back here!

  3. LOL yeah that is crazy. But hey girl. I've been good.

  4. Hey I haven't been here in awhile! Its nice to be back though lol and I'm really gonna try to stay this time! Just droppin' by to say hey!

  5. *Looks around* Who? Oh me! *Smiles* Well yes I do!

  6. HEY!!!! I hope your doing good too!

  7. Well hey Rodger! Whats up!? I've been good so far..Just a little bored. Good to hear your doing well. LOL yay another birthday is coming up and I'll be 15..That passed really fast.

  8. LOL Hey Maryanne...IDK whats up but two of my pictures on the thread "If I Won The Lottery.." Or whatever thats called, two of my pictures ain't workin.

  9. LOL yeah hope to talk to you soon too.

  10. YAY I'm sooo happy for you sis!

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