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  1. It is great to see you back! It has been a long time. Hope your kids are feeling better. Definitely not fun. Hope all is well. Hope all is better and great for you. Things are about the same here. Got the NASCAR race on...but my TV is having troubles getting it at times. URGH. Great to see you back!

  2. LORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you! I hope all is well and that life is treating you GREAT! Things are well here or as good as they can be I guess. ;) Am glad Halloween is over with. Enjoyed seeing the kids at the day care dressed up, but boy where they hyped up Friday! LOL. Kids and candy just don't seem to mix well. ;) Hope you had a good Halloween and all is well. It was GREAT hearing from you! Don't be a stranger...;)

  3. Glad you are liking it and that it is close to home...makes it easier. :)

  4. We miss you here too...glad to see you planning on coming back more often. ;) Congrats on the new job. Hope you love it!

  5. Stranger? Who me? Naw I've been here off and on for some time now...think it is you that is the stranger. :D Not much here. How about you?

  6. You got it all wrong...GO CUBS. GO BEARS. GO BLACKHAWKS. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. God Bless you! It is great hearing from you. I hope you and your family are doing well. It has been too long.

  8. It is very hard and sad to see it come to an end like this. :( Thank you for all the fun. I had a blast writing about my two favorite things. :D

  9. Thank you Roger...that was a fun post to write...wasn't sure who was going to win myself until half way through my post. This story has been so fun to write...thank you Roger. :)

  10. See you haven't been on for awhile...hope everything is OK.

  11. Just looked and her ID says just over eleven years ago I registered...but could be longer than that. Seems like something messed up the dates with that ID. Could be wrong though. Been here awhile that is for sure. :D

  12. Almost a hundred in our RP...awesome. Been a great a hundred posts. :)

  13. Garrett is getting close to his nineth year of being on Hnet ;). I was Kristy before I had him...Have probably been on here for about eleven years. I'll have to find out. LOL

  14. I agree. Love the screen name. Welcome to Hazzardnet...all things Dukes of Hazzard!

  15. Yeah that sounds great

  16. Well I just went over there and yeah I can't find a place to check out at...perhaps Yahoo is keeping us prisoners in our league? HA HA. ;)

  17. No I haven't. Was there earlier, but I guess I don't ever really check out on my home computers. Will have to check it out. That is odd though...

  18. Thanks for the message. Always great to hear from you. Away from the computer? How can you manage that? LOL. Hope all is good for you.

  19. It should be me telling you Happy New Year's . . .I still have 45 minutes left of 2012. :D Have a great New Year's!

  20. Hope you have had a great birthday...miss seeing you around HNet!

  21. Hi Redneck Girl. Yeah I got everything wrapped and put under the tree. It was a nice Christmas. Just too fast. Hope your's was good. :D

  22. You are very welcome Roger. Wasn't sure if I wrote it out correct or political correct or what not, but just wrote what I felt. Haven't told many people about this, but the night he died I had a dream or a vision of him...it was odd but it was so clear and will never forget it. I was away visiting for Christmas so was at a hotel. All I remember was him coming and saying that I shouldn't be sad that I should be happy...that he wasn't in any more pain. Something I will always remember and find comfort in. And being fifteen years made me feel like I should write something for him...what an amazing actor, person, character. RIP Denver.

  23. Hey Redneck girl. Long time no see. I still need to wrap presents...which I better get done tonight since my family's Christmas is tomorrow.... :o Are you ready? Hope all is well with you. :)

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