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  1. It's because they've already printed up the t-shirts.

    That is not true Brian...Ben and Alma did not have the Tshirts made for us...one of the members did and we, along with Miz Alma, wore them so, if anyone had questions they could differentiate the people helping from the people there to get autographs and what have you.... the name is not brand new...nor is the group of friends...it's been around a while.

    As I said I think it was Ben and Alma that coined the name for the group, though I am not even sure about that...they were called that long before I came into the picture. But if Ben and Miz Alma were that concerned of the bad connotation, they wouldnt have let us host the BBQ, would not have been wearing their own shirts, asked us to help at Sperryville etc. In fact, you are two of the few who have said something...most think it is a fun name and quite appropriate when you know us and our loyalty to all things Duke.

    I'm sorry you dont like the name. Im sorry you feel we give people a bad impression when they see the name. I will say this: You have "Mafia" Wars that hundreds of thousands of people play on facebook-including at least one of our beloved Dukes cast that I know of...you have "Chrome Shop Mafia" on tv that thousands watch. These things sure wouldnt last if everyone got offended about the name "Mafia."

    Someone mentioned that given what Been feels about the 2005 movie its surprising he would support the HCM....that has a dope-smoking uncle Jesse, tons of swearing and nudity, and promotes promiscuity. I dont understand how a group who donates their time and money to give away free food and prizes all in the name of Duke can be associated with that. I didnt see anyone so offended at our group name that they refused a hot dog, or a prize when they won the donated items.

    In the end you cant please everyone...so I aint gonna try...like I said I am sorry I replied to Daney's post period. I am not sorry to be considered a partof the HCM. They are a special group of people and if they were called the Hazzard County Manure Scoopers I still would be just as proud to be a member. Just sayin...

  2. Yeah, some have mentioned that...I didnt pick the name mind you....I think Ben Jones' wife did...but a name is just that... a name. .if you knew of the many kind acts done by the folks in this group I think you'd agree it is in full keeping with what the Dukes stand for....if it wasn't, I would not associate myself with them.

  3. HCM is a small group of friends who share the Dukes hobby. They've been dubbed HCM because of their loyalty to one another and to the Dukes in general. They are the group who is commissioned by Miz Alma (Ben's wife) to assist at the BBQ at Cooter's Place (my Steve is the head chef). She also asked that they help with the Sperryville event this year. I am proud to say I am one of them.

  4. Thanks y'all. I got me a good ol' boy so I know Im gonna be happy. We're planning a Hazzard wedding including whatever cast members would like to come...I know at least two are planning to- Im so blessed. it should be a lot of fun and definatley a day to remember... I cant wait:)

  5. I cant imagine how the people are suffering...as well as those waiting to hear news of loved ones....

    My dad lives in the Philippines, which is part of the "Ring of Fire". I know I was getting worried when the phone lines wouldnt work there....(many Filipino people have family in japan, including my stepmother, and I am guessing everyone and his brother was on the phone). Fortunately their tsunami waves only reached 8 feet and didn't cause much damage.

    Still though, my heart aches for those affected...

  6. LOL run out of ideas have we Bo? How about two girls get stuck in the rain at Hazzard Square and a good old Duke boy lets him sit in the General Lee til the rain stopped...whicch was the beginning of a great friendship and budding romance...three years later the Duke boy gets engaged to one of the girls and they live happily ever after....oh wait....thats MY own love story hahaha

  7. well. keep in mind too that a movie could be made in 2010, but set in 2000. I only seen it a couple times so didnt pay attention as to whether there were tiny cell phones, netbooks, etc. But then again I know of one show we all know and love where cars jump silos, jump through a drainage tube hoisted in the sky and always lands without much damage. NOT to say that might be stretching things a bit of course, but hey? Isnt half the fun of a movie or tv show to escape reality for a bit? Besides, it is called acting after all;)

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