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  1. That is what we are trying to establish as the word for years is that it was but there are too many versions of the story going around after 30 years. Even the information on the internet is conflicting on the "found" cars all the way to what those that worked on the cars have said versus looking at clips of the cars themselves. I am still trying to figure out just how many Ga cars there were as one source states there were 3 brought out from Ca and 3 built in Ga which would make 6 total. Of those 3 were returned and based on them finding Lee 1 in Ga that would leave one to think that 2 of the
  2. This car has been in this area for over 25 years so not one of the movie cars although it does appear to either have been jumped or ran into a ditch. The factory collapse zone in the trans tunnel is buckled and the front end is up and over. Larry West owned a sign company here in Georgia and was the one who painted the graphics on the Georgia built cars for Warner Brothers.
  3. Todays recovery pictures.
  4. For now it will go behind the shop and get covered up as I have a bunch of other projects going right now. I haven't looked the car over well enough yet or even looked into parts costs but after 20 years of trying to buy it I wasn't letting it get away. It is in sad shape but I have had worse fixed so I think it is definitely savable but no immediate plans for it.
  5. Btw in looking at my orig pics I think the first car with the doors on it was a different car as I don't recall the Lee car having either door on it when I looked at it as they had pulled them and they were in the shop. The drivers door has since vanished. The other car was all orange as well and was the reason the owner 2 owners ago purchased the Lee car to use it as a parts car for the other one. Go figure....
  6. I made a deal to purchase the car a few hours ago and will be picking it up this weekend. It is in pretty sad shape from all the years it sat in the woods and the drivers door is missing but it does have the original 01 painted passenger door back on it. I'll take some updated pictures once it is loaded on the trailer. Larry West who painted the original cars has verified with the guy I purchased it from that it was indeed one of the cars he painted the flag on as well as the doors.
  7. Haven't been on here in forever but after trying without any success to buy this car it did get trade off a few year back to a friend of mine who is a diehard Mopar guy. He had been in contact with someone who was involved with the original cars regarding them looking at it but I do not think that ever happened. He did send the pictures to the guy who painted the flag and stuff on the originals who verified that the work on this car was his but as far as I know that is all that has happened. Once again I am back to trying to purchase this car but the current owner is reluctant to price it unti
  8. you have pics. the first 3 are of car#2? the second 3 are of another one that is at the same location
  9. i have a couple of pics i can post if someone will tell me how.the car is still wrecked and you can see the roof stuff in one of them
  10. real or not?i have been trying to buy this car for nearly 10 years.it has sat so long that trees are growing through the engine compartment.at one time it was told by a prior owner that he purchased it from warner bros and had the paperwork but after being passed back and forth 10 years ago between 3 owners it got lost. notice the lack of the roll bar [episode 2,daisys song? edit.... ok wont post a pic..how do i do that so you guys can look at it?
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