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  1. AFK?

    Yeah, I had tried that before sending you the message. I had to do it about ten times before it finally popped open.

  2. Never mind, I fixed it, just took some tinkering

  3. Um, Hoss... how do you unstick a CD rom drive? Mine won't open. I have two but... the main one won't open.

  4. Happy Birthday Deputy. How old are you this year? 21 and holding? ;)

  5. I was running late due to dinner, but I'm on now and in the chat room for the Easter chat.

  6. Yeah, it was a loose expansion card. It's fixed now though, but man that could have been embarassing. Now let's hope this backup card doesn't go up like the other one did. The card in my 98 computer isn't compatible with this machine.

  7. OMG, I fixed my computer... it was a combination of a bad video card, and the other video card being loose... yes my computer has two video cards LOL... but I am up and running again. Still need to do a complete reinstall of XP, but I am up and running again.

  8. Hoss, I am such an idiot. I got the disk today and it turned out it was microsoft office xp pro, not microsoft XP Professional... but that isn't why I'm an idiot. I have two video cards installed into the computer. Well, shoulda known the one was going bad because of the way it was acting, and then i checked the other one which wouldn't work... so I decided to switch the hard drives in my computers to see if that helped any... and OMG... i discovered the second video card was just loose... but i still need to find an XP disk for that virus... but I am back up and running at least for now.

  9. No idea. Hope so. I am so exhausted. Spent the last three days landscaping the yard, which triggered an attack which exhausted me even more, and on top of it, hospitals seem adamant about giving me meds for an allergic reaction which it isn't but benadryl is a sedative so it relaxes me which helps me breathe... which makes me tireder. Instead of crocheting at the hospital like I usually do, I was knocked out from exhaustion ... but emotionally I feel much better than I have for the past week or two. Little down from the attack but still feel good.

  10. I am such an idiot. Today is a holiday... no mail delivery.

  11. Amen to that. Hopefully it comes in the mail and does what I need it to do. Also hoping the tiller works today so I can finish my flower bed today too. Would have finished yesterday but it needed fuel... and it has to be a fuel oil mixture. Going to be busy, busy, busy today.

  12. Its been there, I just never paid any mind to it. It is just a computer my landlady's old tenants left behind... should get the XP disk tomorrow. Hopefully it will work but I also have my doubts. I hate technology. Never does what I want or need it to do.

  13. Well... got it out of safe mode and it froze again.. and now it won't fix with the scan disk. Hopefully the XP disk comes in the mail but somehow I don't think it will work.

    Also, I think the 98 has a virus in the boot files. Something called the chip away virus keeps coming up in the boot logs.

    I may not be on much the next few days. Got some things to work out, and the only way I know how is yard work -- my landlady's dog passed away last night.

  14. It upgraded okay, then when I was installing my drivers it froze so I had to do a hard reboot.. and now won't operate outside safe mode. Trying to fix the error but it isn't working. Been trying to all day just about.

  15. Almost done with the upgrade, then I get the joys of driver installation. Probably won't be able to use the chats though, and yahoo will be through my mail. *sigh* better than nothing though.

  16. Looks like I may be in luck. One of my cousins has a spare XP disk she is going to give me, and it is the one I prefer out of the XP versions at that. XP pro.

    I am upgrading 98 fe to 98 se so my wireless will work lol. Pathetic, I know!

  17. Hoss, the update killed it so bad it isn't communicating with the monitor or keyboard.

    The backup computer is a desktop, possibly with a Pentium I processor. I would try to get another hard drive, but I am positively broke. I am poorer than the dukes after the mortgage was paid. It is all I can do to pay for my medication. It would be different if I had my disability, but I don't have it yet. I am trying to get my rescue disk back from my friend, but I don't know if that will work if it isn't communicating with the monitor. I may have to give it to my friend to fix it, or his dad.

    Did I mention I hate windows but Mac is too expensive.... and I have difficulties using it because I was never taught how.... because I was only taught windows.

    I have other good hard drives, but the problem is they are all for laptops.

  18. Yeah. It was working fine until the updates installed. Went to boot it up and it wouldn't communicate with the monitor, was booting up for over 20 minutes without doing anything (with the little light on which said it was doing something), and now it tries for about a minute before the light goes out... and I'm not going to be able to get the spare going. Not enough disk space for XP. Figures, had a feeling that was the case. Darn 98 f.e. I know it is f.e. because my wireless won't install... so I am back to the phone as it may take a few months to fix the one as I may need a friend to take a look at it... and it took six months just for him to tell me my laptops were fried. I don't have the money to take it to a computer repair shop... and my friend's dad does that for a living so... I just have no luck with technology.

  19. Hoss you're not going to. Believe it, but my poor computer crashed... and not because of the virus. Of all things which could have killed it... it was the windows update!! I mean... wtf. I have a spare running 98 which I am in the process of upgrading but it is going to take all night. I have to because of my wireless card.

  20. Hey girl give me a buzz. Yahoo fb or aim.

  21. Feel free to message me. I tried getting your screen name off here but it wouldn't show it to me. My yahoo screen name is hileryanndavenport.

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