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  1. Hey MaryAnne, hope you're having a good one. Just thought I'd give you a little reminder, today is May 1st so... duh duh duh duhhhhh the monthly chat is tonight! 8pm eastern

  2. Just a friendly reminder: Monthly chat tonight at 8 est

    Sorry again about my goof up last night... and thanks for correcting me; Always appreciate someone keeping me in line.

  3. Just a reminder:

    Monthly chat tonight at 8 est.

  4. Okay

    Don't forget tonight is the monthly chat. In retrospect, i should have scheduled it earlier in the evening, but I have a prior commitment and I didn't want to be all that late for it. I'll still be late, but instead of two or three hours, only an hour.

  5. Hey girlie, want to hit the chat so you can tell me all about what has happened so far in the story? I am very interested to know (and i know i'm being impatient, but i am excited about it!)

  6. I'm back on Yahoo if you're still online.

  7. Yeah, I'm just no good at drawing on a computer LOL.

    Hoss was the one who said he'd look the story over and see if it's something he can edit or not.

  8. Oh also, I found us a beta reader, I think. He's looking the story over now, but doesn't do a lot of fiction stuff. I only sent him chapters 1-5.

  9. Okie Dokie. I'm messing around with a drawing program i downloaded the other day and must say, I am enjoying myself. Only thing is, this dang writing bug has been driving me nuts LOL

  10. If you want, I can send over a few chapters to see what you think. Should be fairly easy to edit. I try not to edit my own stuff too much because I am sometimes biased. I have done some light editing on what K-Duke had added though (but sometimes I miss some things or just don't know what to do with it). Spell check has been run so you don't need to worry about that.

  11. Hey, just wondering how it's coming, and if you liked what I had written. If you haven't read it all yet, try to finish chapter 8 before moving on to read 9 and 10. I can change any discrepancies which occur.

    The next couple of chapters are probably more dependent on you I think. If you like, we can write them in a messenger window together. It might be easier.

    I did write another chapter today, but we are no where near being able to fit it in. It's several chapters too early... but it's not really dependent on the previous chapters. It's more a cutesy Cooter/Hilery moment which turned out to be ten pages long... and I can't break it up into shorter chapters. Go figure, right? The chapter I wrote today also deals with who Ruth is.

    Oh and I am almost forgetting to mention, it's a tear jerker chapter. I'll send it to you later, after we're closer to using it.

  12. Hey Brian,

    Hope you don't mind, but I have offered up a story idea for you and MaryAnne, on a silver platter. It's sitting on her visitor page. It's just an idea that has been rolling around inside my thick skull for a few days so I figured I'd share it with you two.

    Now that it's shared, maybe I can go back to coming up with ideas for my own stories.


  13. Yeah, basically the idea I have for you and Brian is, major personality melt down. It sorta goes with the cliche challange Mufn issued a while back. Basically either MaryAnne goes all bad guy and Brian has to play good guy to try to corral her, which would be hilarious as h***, or, Brian gets a hint of a conscience... well more of one anyway, and starts being Mr. Good Guy, and MaryAnne, feeling like things have become dull since Brian got bit by his conscience, starts to play bad guy. I mean, it would make a really good story.

    This Freebie Idea Provided By: Hilery Davenport

  14. OMG, too funny... I was posting on your page while you were postin' on mine!

  15. Reminder for you mods, Community chat, 8 PM on the first, in three days :);) in case y'all want to stop by to cause some trouble LOL

    Actually, I have a story idea for you and Brian, if you're interested.

  16. Okay, I got bitten by the writing bug earlier today. After you finish chapter 8 up and send it back, I sent chapters 9 and 10. They weren't really dependent on Chapter 8 so... yeah :-) But work on Chapter 8 before you go on to work on Chapter 11. I know you probably don't understand the whole deal with Ruth, no one's supposed to yet, except she's a relative of Hilery's. Just go with the flow and don't make any presumptions on that. The Dukes don't know about her... well Jesse might, but only bits and pieces... like i said, just go with the flow and don't bother with the Ruth business.

  17. Not a whole lot. Did a bunch of yard work today, and now got a case of the writing bug again. I'm waiting on K-Duke15 to add to the story, but that doesn't mean I couldn't start on the next chapter. I mean, the next chapter doesn't depend a whole lot on the chapter right before it, so I think i'm good.

  18. it's in your inbox. I got us up to then point of the dance.

  19. Er... she got to chapter three and quit. Oh well LOL. She's just not into Dukes that much anymore.

  20. Good. :-) I brought in a good friend who used to be active on the board to do the beta reading for us. You don't know her, but she used to do Dukes fanfic, or at least participate in the round robins and such. She's since moved on, but she's an excellent editor.

    Just... er... she did comment about Cooter "Snapping" at Kendra and I agreed with her.... Cooter isn't a snappy, snippy, type of person. He's more... easy going and laid back but always open for a good brawl.

  21. How's the story coming? Did you like what was written?

  22. Yeah, I was pretty wound up last night and just happened to have seen it still had you labeled as logged in.

    I've had my fingers crossed. I was having problems with the screen showing double in some spots, but I lowered the contrast which seems to have worked. The monitor is a hand me down.

    I had a rough night last night. I think my HAE was flaring, which didn't feel too good. Wanted to sleep in but I had to get up for a doctor's appointment for something else, but lo and behold, my ride through my insurance never showed up. Just got a call from them, and they are running over an hour and a half behind, meaning, I will not be going to my appointment, so I'm about ready to crawl back in bed. I did just send a nice little letter to the company telling them how crappy their service is.

  23. How are ya on staying awake this evening? Want to hit the Chat room? I'm still wound up from music lessons tonight.

  24. So far, computer is working well, and the story is coming along well... no attacks this week... dang I have nothing to complain about! LOL. What's up?

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