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  1. The story is in your inbox. Let me know what you think. I got a tiny big carried away again. I also divided the story into chapters. The copy I sent doesn't have chapter titles yet, but the ones I have set up in HTML format do. Let me know and I'll send you a copy with the chapter titles. They aren't anything rough or in stone yet, just names I came up with. Let me know if there are any names for the chapters which pop into your head.


  2. Yes, I agree, but a lesson had to be learned, and I couldn't think of any other way for said lesson to be learned.

  3. the story is sitting in your inbox. Let me know what you think.

  4. a picture would help a lot. I'm not to the point of using the reverend in the story I'm writing with K-Duke, but I am trying to get my ducks all in a row before I get to it.


  5. i figured out the name thanks to your signs of hazzard thread, but I still need a physical description.

  6. also, was he young or old? I can't remember....

  7. Did you ever catch the name of the Reverend at the church? I know he appeared in the episode where Daisy was a nurse in the play because she was talking to him, but I don't think I ever caught a name.

  8. Question, I need the answer for a story I'm working on... what was the name of the Dentist which traveled in the RV? It was Doc Willis, wasn't it?

  9. I think you forgot to log out at the end of class LOL

  10. Cool. Sorry, was outside pulling weeds. Came in because I'm having problems with the wildlife, namely, the groundhog who lives in our backyard. It nearly attacked me yesterday, and today I could hear him chattering at me to go away.

  11. Did you get a chance to look over the story yet?

  12. No guarantees but I can try :-) Shame I couldn't use a fancy font though on the announcement LOL. I get bored with the same fonts all the time. But yeah, I'll also try to post another reminder when we get closer to the date.

  13. Roger, I did ya a favor and put out an early reminder for the monthly chats. Hope you don't mind. I know you got a lot on your plate right now.

  14. Happy Birthday, Trouble. ;)

    PS, The story is sitting in your inbox on yahoo.

  15. I'm sorry MaryAnne, I've just been in a teasing mood lately. I don't mean any harm by any of it. ;)

  16. Hey, shouldn't you be paying attention in class rather then playing on here? :-P

  17. Hey Hoss, think you can round some folk up for a good old fashioned chat?

  18. "I can't get the stupid thing open either, and haven't since my antivirus swept all those nasty little viruses into a vault." I did :p

  19. I'm in the flash chats waiting to see if anyone shows up, beings it's the deputies birthday. No one has gotten the hint yet though LOL

  20. Uh, Hoss... how do you think I'm posting if I can't open IE? LOL I'm using chrome as it came with my Avast Antivirus software download. I prefer firefox though... considering switching as with firefox you can customize it more, at least, it used to be that way.

  21. This computer is driving me insane. I tried updating IE from 7 to 8 and it won't install. I can't get the stupid thing open either, and haven't since my antivirus swept all those nasty little viruses into a vault. Can't download Yahoo! Messenger either, and before I swept all those nasty viruses into the vault, it wasn't working right either. I so hate computers! I have half a mind to look into a Vista Upgrade... but I ain't got the stupid money for it! Argh! Stupid Computers!

  22. you got that right LOL I don't watch much television. Usually it's movies or whatever netflix has (but currently I'm banned from using netflix in the house as it's my landlady's account and I got in some trouble a while back)

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