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The wife and I were watching a Christmas movie and saw a girl who reminded me of someone who was on just one Dukes episode. 

I can picture her face really well but am trying to find out who she was. The only line of hers I can remember is an altered version of "Necessity is the mother of invention". 

She changed invention to "intervention". 

She was brunette and pretty and around Daisy's age.

Any ideas?  


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That's right. THANKS HOSS!  I have to slip that episode in and show my wife. The movie we watched was Miss Christmas. Marc Blucas is the lead actor. I used to work with his father. The girl plays his sister. I looked her up but she didn't look a lot like Lori. However, when I scrolled through a lot of her pictures I found a few where the resemblance was strong in a couple of them. I'll go look up her name and post it. 

Her name is Erin Boyes. 

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17 hours ago, Hobie Hartkins said:

After retiring from acting in 1999, she went back to school and earned a degree in clinical psychology.  I've done this. Chances are  she's not doing much with it! THAT was the single biggest mistake I ever made!

Maybe but it has helped you to understand confused people like me. But every time I say I am having problems you always say the same thing "Watch a Dukes episode, take 2 shots of shine, and call Dr Hobie in the morning"

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