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You Know Your Car is old When .....


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...the directional signal no longer blinks on it's own, so you gotta move the little stick back and forth. DINK dink DINK dink DINK dink...

My old '88 Corsica had that happen to it. One day the turn single would blink on its own and then the next day I had to manually make it blink. Well a couple of months later the darn thing decieded it wanted to work again. Boy was I one excited driver.

You know your car is old when your afraid to take it to the carwash for fear that it would "melt" or fall apart. I too am afraid that I would drown in the car, if it didn't fall apart. I don't have any weather stripping on the passenger side. I have the weather stripping in my trunk though, been there for over a year now.

You know your car is old when you have various items holding up your drivers window. Makes for going through drive thrus an interesting experience that is for shur.

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You know your car is old when it would cost less to buy a new car than dish out for all the repairs on your old one.

How bout you know your car is a peice of s#% when.... it only cost 15 grand to buy it and and you've paid out twice that much if not more to repair it.

This is a true story, my dad had a 94 ford Taurus, that car went through three engines, and two transmissions in ten years, not to mention a whole heck load of other repairs it needed. He could have bought a brand new car for the same amount, if not cheaper.

My taurus, same year, twelve years old this june, is still going strong, and has less than 75000 kms on it. (I don't know how many miles that is, sorry...)

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We are having hard rains and I am sooo impressed that my passenger side isn't soaking wet. I don't have any weather stripping on that side. I have had it were my passenger side floor boards were flooded with about a half inch of water from rains. Wind must be blowing the rain in the right direction!

Also you know your car is old when your gas door/lid is constently open because it won't stay shut. Every turn makes it swing on its hinges. I got so sick and tired of nice people telling me that my gas lid/cap/door was open that I just wrote on the inside part that it was broken in perment marker. That solved that problem.

You know what I love that old car, she has spunk and personality.

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You know your car is old/POS when...

...the passenger door latch doesn't hold so a hook & eye latch keeps it from flying open around corners. (impressed the girlfriend)

...the unibody is so rusty that over bumps you can watch the whole front of the car flex up and down.

...the trunk release is a screwdriver

...the only thing holding the exhaust on is a coathanger.

...the ignition can be rotated without the key in (and will start!)

And it now is rusting away in a junkyard. I miss her (1980 Z28).

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One of my brothers first car had non working drivers side door and it came with screwdriver to start it up with. Somebody stripped the colman on 1982 Oldsmobile Delta 88. And one of the first night we went out for a drive in it the brakes went so were just going around the neighborhood scarey the daylights out of the them. It used to blow blue smoke and then he sold a short time after that because of reasons and the three of us went to the ladderstore and brought home a thrity foot ladder home on the roof of this car. True Story.

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i just took my truck to the tranny shop today ironically and as i explained what it does to the mechanic, he gave me this astonished, wide-eyed look like he'd never heard such a thing. that made me feel better! my tranny doesnt shift half the time. ill pull out from a stopsign or something and itll just coast pretty much. i have to hit the brakes, throw it in reverse then back into drive and then itll go. in the meantime, the car behind me is honking and the cars coming towards me have to swerve around me. im so surprised that truck didnt kill me.

what else?

--my tonneau cover wont fit anymore so all i got is the rails

--i accidentally glued the button for my rearview mirror on upside down so i havent had a mirror for 6 mths, just the button.

--i slammed the door really hard one day in a fight with my boyfriend and a plastic piece in the door panel popped out and refused to go back in so i still have a hole there.

and the #1 most redneck thing to have (or not have) on your car.....drum roll.....

a gas pedal. all i have is the rod, no pedal. cant drive barefoot anymore cause it jabs ya. its always fun to watch mechanics and other people try to drive it, though. it takes em a minute. lol

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That must be really scarry with the tranny acting up like that.

Wow, no gas peddle eh, wow. That beats my piece o' crap. I bet that it is funny watching people trying to drive it.

For a long time my old pickup truck, which I don't have any more, had no handle for the emergancy brake release, which I used all the time. I just used my foot to pop it off, or if it was still on, vise pliers. I would always get hit in the knuckles with the pliers. Finally my mechanic got sick of smashing his knuckles and jurry rigged a hanger as the release handle. Much safer.

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As my first time posting in this one forum i must quote this one:

8.If your car keys is a screwdriver.

my moms old 91 mercury topaz. :lol:

i loved those cars. lightweight, alot of 4 bangers yet the speedometer still went to 200kph (double the hiway speed limit) :lol: , it actually could reach 200kph! you could drive those things over anything, they just bounce off like a rain drop and seemed to like mud and alot of water. :lol: ahhh, memories.

im gone.

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You know your car is old when:

You think your car used to be red, but now the entire thing is brown because it's all rust.

You try to get replace a part on it but all the auto part store and even all the junk yards tell you that they don't have it and no one does because it doesn't exist anymore.

You have duct tape holding up your driver side mirror

All these problems were not on the same car but I had different cars which each of these problems. The last one with the duct tape is a '96 corsica and I'm still driving it.

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