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Has anybody seen the new football league? I have always thought, it feels kind of lonely and I always have withdrawal  feelings when it's all over for the NFL. I think this may be good. There are 8 teams and for now. I think I'm going with the Houston Rough Necks! They don't have a name like that in any other sport, that I know of. It reminds me of when Cooter's buddy came to town and was framed for stealing that truck and Cooter had to help him out. Remember? They were laughing and talking about all the rough necking they used to do.....WHAT.... is a Rough Neck? I think it's  a politically Correct term for RED neck!  You guys ought to try these teams out. They're pretty good! 

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I knew about the oil rig worker. I watched Dallas on a regular basis and read a book called Texas Rich based on the life of HL Hunt, the richest man in the world. In fact the TV show Dallas is loosely based on the Hunts......the World Champion Chiefs are their football team. I'm putting football behind me and won't be paying attention to the XFL. I'm too excited about NASCAR, baseball and retiring. 

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