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I inherited some astronomy items from a professor friend of mine who passed away. One of those items was a book with some records and they are in perfect shape. They are from 1969 when the first man walked on the Moon. I was 9 years old and got to stay up last to watch it. I remember it well. I got a big smile on my face when I saw who the narrator is. You guessed it. Of course we all know that Sorrell was quite a talented and well respected person around Hollywood so after the huge surprise wore off and I thought about it I realized I shouldn't have been too surprised considering how multi-talented he was. What a collectors item!. Dukes and astronomy are huge parts of my life and to be given this gift of a keepsake that combines them is something I am thankful for. Now if I can just find a record player. 

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Wow! Thanks Hoss. I see they mentioned Sorrell in this article. When the last man walked on the Moon (1974 maybe) everybody thought we'd have a small village there by 2000 but no country has even sent a single person there since then. We still talk about sending a human to Mars but can't even get back to the Moon. Did the current value of this set pop up? 

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