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My Version of the Ghost of the General Lee

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Bo and Luke were getting in the General Lee and then heading down the road to take it for a test drive. they were working on the engine and putting in a new cam . Jenyfer  was pulling up in Christine  when she seen Bo and Luke take off .. Daisy was hanging out laundry and Jen went over to help her by taking the dry laundry down and went inside to fold and put it away. Jenyfer and Daisy had to be at work at the Boars Nest later that day . Jenyfer and Daisy got ready for work and headed to the Boars nest for a days work. It was not busy so  Jenyfer started to  take items off the shelves and cleaned  the shelves and  placed them back on the shelves. She also moved the tables and swepted the dirt from under the tables and mopped also ,

After the cleaning was done Boss Hogg came in to see how business was . Jen told him it was not that busy but she did some cleaning to keep herself busy . Daisy cleaned the kitchen and the dirty dishes in the sink and put then away Jen seen some people come in and took their order . Then Roscoe came in  She said Roscoe you look like you lost your friend whats wrong. Roscoe told her that Bo and Luke went in the pond with the General Lee and they did not come up . She had a blank look on her face . Uncle Jesse was there also  so was  Cooter. Boss Hogg said Bo and Luke stole his Jeferson Davis Watch.

Jen turned around and glared at him and said  You know that is not true   and he said is was . I do not under stand you Boss you and  Roscoe are always trying to frame Bo and Luke for a crime they never committed , I will say this the next person who runs against dimwit of a sheriff you have  I will vote for the other  runner  and I hope he wins and maybe there would be honest lawmen here . Jenyfer simmer down I know you are upset  Uncle Jesse said. After their shift was done Jenyfer and Daisy went back to the Duke farm. 

Uncle Jesse was having a wake for Bo and Luke . She seen Uncle Jesse look out the window as if he had seen some thing . He asked her to finish with the  lemon ade and serving the guests.  She said she would . She ran out but she made some more . Then she heard Daisy scream and ran out side  to see what  the scream was all about then she seen Bo and Luke . Bo told her the General was stolen and they must of jumped the general and he landed in the water. Bo and Luke hid on the side of Cooters tow truck while he took off in to town. Jenyfer followed behind in Christine . Cooter had the General Lee in his garage and he said by Boss and Rosco thinking y'all are dead by showing up  alive it would scare them straight. Jenyfer started thinking . Bo asked what are you thinking about darlin? She said remember the movie you and I were watching the other night the George Romero Movie that was released back in 1968 . Cooter said you must be talking about Night of the Living Dead. She said how about if I made you up like zombies both of you go in to Boss Hogg and Roscos  office like that and I will bet that would scare these 2

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Jenyfer went to the store and got make up to make Bo and Luke up like zombies . Then Jen went in to Roscoes office and turned on his CB and turned the volume up . She had Bo and Luke Moan like Zombies  in the CB mic. She had Bo and Luke walk in Roscoe's office and  walk towards him while Cooter and Jenyfer were watching . When Roscoe seen  zombie Bo and Luke walk towards  him his face turned pale . Roscoe  locked himself in a jail cell Bo and Luke left the Sheriffs station and went back to Cooters garage and removed the make up .

Boss Hogg arrived back to the office and seen Roscoe in the jail cell . He said what in tarnations are you doing in that cell . Roscoe told him that Bo and Luke are walking after they died .Boss Hogg told that dead folks do not walk some one is playing a trick on you .  Later at the Duke farm Bo and Luke were laughing about the look on Roscoe's face . Jen told them  hope it scared him straight

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