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I used to post quite a bit on CGLFC and stepped away from the Dukes/Charger scene when my Charger had an unfortunate accident.  I recently decided to get the old boy up and running again and dust off my Dukes collection for my son's 01st birthday, and was sad to find many of the old Dukes websites gone.   Happy to find this one intact, and the photo thread is absolutely EPIC.   

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It'd be hard to place a favorite character, as each one has their own attributes.  As a dad, I always want to be as steadfast and honorable as Jesse, and as a law-man, as honest and forgiving as Enos.  As a man thrust kicking and screaming into middle age, as fun and carefree as Bo, but as loyal and responsible as Luke.  Rosco, despite his flaws, had diehard loyalty to his little fat buddy, and doesn't everyone want to be as crazy as Cooter and desired as Daisy?  As far as Boss, I like to focus on Sorrell himself, as an incredibly intelligent and educated man, and a fantastic actor. 

I'm partial to the Georgia episodes and Lees, but don't really have a favorite episode.  I'd have to watch them all again to reassess.  I have all the seasons, of course, but don't have much time these days with 12 hour shifts and a little man in the other room.    I went to Dukesfest '05 and met most of the stars, except Jimmy Best, unfortunately.  I have photos and autographs, including Jimmy's.  Never met Coy or Vance.  Like many of you, I've been watching the Dukes since I was kneehigh to a grasshopper, and I told my mom when I was 7 that I wanted a Charger.  Finally got it at 30 or so. 

I used to drive a '67 Deville convertible, white of course, tag BAWS HOG.  I have a '78 Fury but it's now in pretty sad shape, and my once gorgeous '69 RT clone has seen better days.  All my old pics are on Photobucket, and I don't have time to go through them right now.  Just got the small fry down to sleep and have chores to do before the sandman comes and kicks me in the face. 

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