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Is it just me or did the show get darker near the end of season 5?

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Well, every writer has slightly different Ideas of the Dukes then another. It could be that one writer makes more serious stories which were broadcast in closer succession while another adds more comedy.


Have you looked at who wrote the episodes? Should be somewhere at the start of the episode who wrote it. I seem to remember that a lot of Later episodes were written by Hollingsworth Morse for example.

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Hollingsworth Morse directed several episodes in season 5, but he didn't write any. Other directors of season 5 include Denver Pyle, Sorrell Booke and Paul Baxley. The writing credits are split between Si Rose, William Raynor, Myles Wilder, Bruce Howard, Len Kaufman, Jim Rogers, Martin Roth and Simon Muntner.


According to 'The Dukes of Hazzard: The Unofficial Companion', as well as merchandising, Tom and John's season 5 walkout was also about the poor quality of the scripts. John is quoted in the book calling Myles Wilder "an arrogant cuss" who "could not care less".

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