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My Humble Suggestion....

Hobie Hartkins

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You mean so that you see the first post that was posted in the topic at the top of the first page then below it you see the post that was posted after it say like two or three minutes later?

If so all you have to do is go to the top of the page where it shows the HNet banner and then above that it says welcome username, notifications etc.

The third one says settings. Click that and it will take you to your account page scroll down towards the bottom left hand side and under my account it says email settings then general settings. Click on the general settings.

About halfway down the page it says Thread Display Settings.

The second section says thread display mode. This gives several options on how to view each thread. If you click the down arrow it gives you those options. If you click on Linear-oldest first it will show the thread with the first post at the top of the first page then each response below that.

If you meant something else please explain and I will try to help.

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