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Trouble in Conyers

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I was watching the local news tonight and got a big surprise.

Before they go to the weather, my local station talks about human interest stories that are happening accross the country. When I heard them mention Conyers Georgia my ears perked up.

For those of you who don't know, Conyers is one of the locations the Dukes was filmed at when the show was in its infancy during the first 5 episodes before moving to California.

Anyways, a 14 month old toddler wandered into the Wells Fargo bank vault in Conyers and somehow the vault door closed. There were no adults inside and the door was on a time lock. After pumping air into the vault for the toddler to breath, eventually the little one was rescued after a relatively long period of time.

The incident reminded me of another one in Hazzard County where Boss and Jesse were also stuck in a north Georgia vault with time running out. In that episode (Dukescam Scam...season 4), Cletus looked up and saw them sitting in the vault, exhausted from lack of oxygen. Clueless Cletus asked "Why is cousin Boss and Jesse Duke on the news?" LOL

Thank goodness that the child was rescued by the skilled hands of the those who answered the call. It's like old Waylon always says "In Hazzard we tend to like happy endings"

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