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Sorrell Booke as Boss on Alice..

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Hey,I'm new here but not new to the Dukes.I've been watching since the 1st Episode back in the 70's.I just found out something I didn't know,I used to watch the show Alice back in the 80's,and thought I'd seen about everyone of the Episodes.One I didn't see was in Season 8-Episode 6 Titled "Mel is Hogg-Tied",Sorrell guest stars as Boss Hogg.And what little I found out about the Episode is that Boss Hogg comes to Town to see Waitress Jolene,and then tricks Mel into selling the Diner for $1.I would love to see this episode,if anyone has seen it let me know more about it,and how it was...

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Now THIS would be cool to see!

I never knew that Sorrell made a cameo as Boss Hogg in another show... Or anyone from the Dukes making an appearance as their characters outside of the actual show... With the exception of everyone going to Los Angeles to visit Enos in the Enos series.

I'm going to start looking for it right now and if I find anything I'll post it... If not, I hope someone else comes up with this Alice episode and shares it with us! Because this would really be something awesome to see.

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I don't think this series made it across the Atlantic - I certainly don't remember it. I looked it up, and according to the IMDb entry Sonny Shroyer was also in the episode.

I tried to find it online without luck - I won't be typing 'Mel Is Hogg-Tied' into Google with Safe Search turned off again :).

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