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As most of us know, Enos was one of the Dukes' spin-off shows, and I don't have to mention who it was about :lol:

Although I don't like to download Dukes-related material so I can support our lovely actors and actresses, this series is obviously not available for sale on DVD anywhere on this God-given earth. I really do hope that WB releases it for sale like the are with the Dukes cartoon!

Has anyone ever been able to find Enos anywhere on the web available for download??? It's going to have to suffice for now until and if it is released in the future.

I've just always wanted to see this show! Although it apparently didn't do well during it's run, I'm sure Dukes fans will still love it for sure. I know I will!

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When I saw Sonny early this year in January he told me he had copies but he didn't know how it would be possible for anybody else to get them.

(I invited Sonny to the HazzardNet but he said he's not much of a computer guy)

Possum on a gumbush!

Well that would explain why the episodes were never leaked onto the Internet! :D

I can't imagine there being many copies anywhere, except for maybe Sonny's and in the WB archives..

It's a shame no one from WB will leak it! LOL

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You're right MM.

For those of you who didn't see Jimmie on MTV Cribs, he plays on-line games and enjoys beating teenagers. When he tells them they were beat by Rosco P Coltrane they respond by saying things like "Yea right, and I'm the Tooth Fairy"

Jimmie and I had some legendary battles back when I used to have time to play. LOL. I've taken out Rosco many, many times. I was so good with a grenade launcher, he told me I couldn't use it anymore. ROFL.

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I know Sonny has copies on BetaMax. LOL! At least that's what his manager told me years ago. Don't know if that's still true. I'm hoping if the Dukes cartoon sells well, they'll release Enos too.

I know you won't see this message for a couple days, but I have an idea. (Yeah, really! I do!)

Why don't we just bug our Warner Bros contact and tell them we want the "Enos" series on DVD? We're being way too passive about this.

If WB claims not to have any of the original film, I know of one other person who may have VHS copies, but I'd rather avoid that at all costs if I could. I'd have to disinfect myself after talking to the person I'm thinking of. And then check into rehab.

I'd find it easier to fly to Burbank, CA and drop in on our contact first. So long as you expense the trip. ;)

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Brian, I agree with you!

I would be more than happy to start getting a move on with trying to get Enos released. And although I don't have a WB contact or anything, I'd be willing to help in any way possible!

I know there probably won't be a huge demand for Enos, at least not as much as the animated version of The Dukes, but I'm sure we could still pull a respectable number together. I'd even be willing to help foot some of the cost to make this happen, whether it be obtaining copies of the episodes or whatever the task may be.

Obviously it's easier said than done, but where there's a will, there's most definitely a way. After all, that's one of the lessons that the Dukes taught us!

Let's try and make this happen!

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We're gonna ask WB to put the "Enos" series out there and see what they say. What the heck. There's been good momentum behind the "The Dukes" cartoon DVD, and with the whole production-on-demand concept, it's not like they have to eat a lot of overhead costs.

Wikipedia has a list of the Enos episodes and plot summaries, if you're dyin' for some info in the meantime:


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Haha, way ahead of you Brian! I've studied that Wikipedia page and specifically the episode list dozens of times over. But to all other members who aren't as familiar with the Enos series, the link that Brian posted is extremely helpful.

And Brian you're right, The Dukes cartoon is definitely gaining momentum and notoriety... I know I can't wait to get my copy! But hopefully WB sees this and will seize the opportunity to make some money for themselves with the Enos series (because ultimately that's what its all about for them), but I know we've got plenty of people here who would just eat it right up and get a copy of the series ASAP, myself included!

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