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One Word Song Titles


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I got a few posts behind here! Wow, look what I've been missing. Muse! New Order! And the Primitives, I haven't heard that one in awhile. There's very little I don't like when it comes to music, so if I didn't name somebody's specifically, don't worry, I still liked it.

As usual I'm cruising the forums at 2 a.m. so I need to stay kinda mellow. Anybody remember this one?

Ice House - Crazy

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After seeing Ray Stevens on The Fall Guy earlier I thought I should post one of his songs.

Misty - Ray Stevens

Ray played country singer Webb Covington whose son was accused of a murder amid a music bootlegging storyline. Most of the action in 'Pirates of Nashville' takes place in and around the Grand Ole Opry and includes cameos by Dottie West and the Charlie Daniel's Band. It also guest starred Miriam Byrd-Nethery who appeared twice in Dukes (Rose Ellen in 'Double Sting' and Holly in 'Southern Comfurts').

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I was going to say "here's something a bit different", but it's the second song in this thread to feature lyrics sung in Zulu.

"Yebo" is "yes", "Jabulani" is "be happy".

Nice song. It reminded me a bit of Marc Cohn's Silver Thunderbird - a song about a car and Marc's memories of his father bringing it home when he was 2 or 3 years old.

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