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Lucifer - Amy Creavy's Mustang


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I thought this one was going to be easy after doing Double Zero - how wrong I was. There are quite a few differences, but it was much quicker than starting from scratch. Most of the changes involved removing trim, with only a few bits added. This one is pretty true to the original - no artistic license with this one. These wheels are also the ones that I should have put on Daisy's Road Runner. The Crane Cams logo appears at the beginning, but gets painted over before the race. There also appears to be something painted over near the tail lights in some scenes.



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I'd like to see ya try Mason Dixon's Firebird. Khee! 8-)

Complete with gaffer tape?.

It would be tricky as they only converted very limited numbers, so good reference photos are hard to find. Also it would mean doing an interior - something I've managed to avoid so far :). You never know though - watch this space.

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Those of you who saw last week's update of my Double Zero artwork may have guessed that Lucifer would be next on my list. I used the updated body shape from the Double Zero, but also modified the decals, scoops and rear wing. In my original version I had the rear wheels too close together. This detail, along with many others, has now been corrected.



Y'all may have noticed that I've added a few extra decals this time. For some reason the car seems to have started out with real company names on the stickers (unlike the fake ones that appear in later seasons), but they were then covered over for the close-ups. Unfortunately, the car is gloss black and the paint used to cover the decals is matt. Still, it could be worse; they used the same matt black paint to cover the decals on Cooter's green and yellow car! I had to use a bit of guesswork for the company names because, with the exception of "Crane Cams", they're only visible in the long shots. The "Crane Cams" logo actually seems to visible after the others have gone. The top line of grabs below shows the decals visible, while the lower line shows them covered.


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