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Dukes of hazzard word game....

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Only about Dukes... Easy Game, I will post a word, and from that word, you take the last letter in it and make a new word related to the dukes.

Example:...I say Duke...the person takes the last letter E in duke and makes another word, like Enos....the next one starts another word with S...and so on, hope this catches on.:)

P.S. Only duke related words, can be anything or anyone, have fun,

Been awhile since I been on, so I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place, I am sure it will be shifted if it's in the wrong forum.:)

Ok I will start


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Miz Tisdale

(Welcome back dukefan. We've missed you. I had to think for a second on how "James" was a Dukes related word but then I remember Mr. Best....LOL)

(Enos's last name is spelled Strate)

@Roger, thank you so much, and I wondered if I would stump someone with James or not...lol

@ DaisyMae, I thought it was straight as well, memory lasp here too...lol

To continue game....your last response was Emma

This is a tuff one.....

only word that pops in mind and related is .....


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