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John McCain or Barack Obama or something completely different?


Obama, McCain, Boss Hogg or Myself for President?  

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  1. 1. Obama, McCain, Boss Hogg or Myself for President?

    • Barack Obama and Joe Biden
    • John McCain and Sarah Palin
    • Boss Hogg and Rosco
    • Myself and Flash

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Julie, this is so tempting. I was hoping that nobody would mention the election on the Hazzardnet. I have very strong political feelings but I'm going to avoid posting them....it's tempting though.

I vote that we keep politics off the Hazzardnet. It causes too many problems.

I agree. Feel free to talk about it via PM if you can do so respectfully and civilly, but we prefer not to get into public political discussions on HazzardNet to avoid any heated exchanges that will inevitably result.

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