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Duke or Dupe


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B.L. and DoubleX are right with all 3.

DoubleX, I'll go back and check when I have more time. I know you've missed one recently.

Which of these were on the show?

Cottonwood Boarding House or Happy Hogg Hotel

Rainbow Canyon or Coon Hound Valley

Jud "Killer" Kane or Benny "The Barber" Brown

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All 3 of you got all 3 right.

Daisy has 130 in a row correct (WOW!) (and 189 out of 190)

Hey DoubleX, On July 5 you picked Ollie's Muffler Shop over Witzell's Tires and that is what ended your streak. Witzell's Tires was on "Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard"

Which of these were on the show?

Spiro Agnew or Deke Clancy

Gator Tooth Bog or Bear Claw Swamp

(episode names) Uncle Boss or Aunt Lulu

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