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Duke or Dupe


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DoubleX and B.L. got all 3.

Daisy got 2 and has 112 in a row correct.

(I interpreted "I wanna say" to mean that's not you official answer)

Please try to be more definite. If that would have been the wrong answer then I would have had quite a controversy. You're such a troublemaker Daisy...LOL

Which of these were on the show?

Turtle Creek or Bull Frog Archery Shop

Mary Lou Pringle or Sue Ellen Ewing

(episode names) Boss and Lulu's Anniversary or Happy Birthday General Lee

Mary Lou Pringle

Happy Birthday General Lee

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Woops! You got me on that one Daisy. Those of you who follow Duke or Dupe a lot know that I don't mess up much. (I don't mean to brag..I'm just trying to defend myself because I'm embarressed right now). I forgot that Elmer Fudd was mentioned. I was looking at my notebook and Wilbur Fudge made me think of him. I hate messing up but I'm sure glad you caught it. It will keep me on my toes. By the way, Abner Peabody is from "Enos Strate to the Top"

B.L. and Daisy are both right. Daisy has 121 in a row (and 180 out of 181)

Which of these were on the show?

B.B. Hobo or C.M. Hermit

June Bug Cafe or Mosquito Bog

Lighthorse Harry Hogg or Darkhorse Davey Duke

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Duke or Dope

Who in the cast and guest star cast also appeared sometime in Dallas during it's Fourteen Season Run?

A. Colleen Camp

B. Denver Pyle

C. James Best

D. Catherine Bach

Well I think I stumped some people so I give everybody the answer to my Duke or Duke here and it's Denver Pyle he was in on the last seasons and Colleen Camp she was the very first one to play Kristen Sheperd but she was after Bobby Ewing.

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Since I started this thread it has 16,451 views and 716 posts so I know a lot more people read it than respond.

Surely, there has to be one brave Duke out there who's not afraid to take a chance on these three. How about someone who's never done it before....

(now I know how the people at the carnival feel when they're pitching their "three throws for a dollar" games)

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