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i tried to add these to my last post but it wouldn't let me so here ya go...some more pics.

1. the LaCitadelle in the paper just after it opened

2. the LaCitadelle

3. the old airport (yeah besides Tom Wopat we also had Robert Kennedy, spiderman and wonderwoman (long story there lol) and a host of others to visit Hazard via the airport

4. newspaper clipping of the airport closing (notice the date)

5. what's there now (a waste of taxpayers money if you ask me!) the consolidated high school-yeah i hate it they shut my old high school down just to build this one.

in between the airport closing and the high school replacing it the land was used as a park-most of it is still a park.






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and heres the last of em'

Dukes003.jpg--this general lee belonged to someone from here in hazard, but i think they sold it though.



all of this pics (the ones included in my previous two posts) are from a man on the hazardkentucky website. he let me and my mom have them so I could post them on here to share with ya'll. (i posted some of em twice sorry!!)

ya'll take care now.

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Those pictures are awesome. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time I was checking them out. It must be great living in Hazard and seeing "Hazard" written all over the place on the businesses and signs and stuff. I like to imagine that my small town is Hazzard and it's residents are Hazzardites (once in awhile, I call my mechanic Cooter). I would be thrilled to live in a real town with that name but I guess I'll just settle on pretending I do. Thanks for the pictures lukefan. Those made my day. I remember reading about that visit in our local newspaper here in northwestern Pennsylvania (Dukes was so big then that it got press everywhere) but until now I'd never seen pictures of it. Thanks again. Possum on a gumbush. I'm gone.

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much obliged Rogerduke, yea everytime im at school and i look out the windows im always daydreaming about the dukes. I always imagine a general lee speeding down the road. If i ever see a sign here in hazard im like let em out so i can put another "z" in the word! lol. When i saw these photos i could wish i could go back to that time and live then. The law aroudn here sure aint like rosco but we have enough Boss Hogg's runnin around, and hughie hodds and dewey hoggs lol. But then you've got people like my family, who are like the dukes. I always call my family the Dukes of Hazard(notice i spelled it like its spelled down here lol) glad you liked em Rogerduke.

ya'll take care now.

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