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General Lee Jump Contest

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Here's our first photoshop contest!

Submit an altered photo of the General Lee jumping. You can upload it to the contest gallery here:


It can be jumping famous landmarks, wildlife, through famous photos, and whatnot. The more outrageous the whatnot, the more fun the contest will be. Just keep it clean!

Here's an example to get y'all started.


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As you look at the main page of the gallery (as opposed to that particular section with the General Jumps pics) you'll see at the upper right hand corner some links, one of which says "Upload Photos." From there, pick the category in the drop down menu and follow the instructions on down. =)

I uploaded a pic myself. General Lee jumpin' over the US Capitol building. KHEE!

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I'm sorry, but I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find the link you're referring to and I'm not finding anything. I checked the 'quick links' bit and nada. Then I checked the main page, still nothing. I'm getting quickly discouraged. I know this may sound wrong of me to say so, but shouldn't there at least be some 'ways' to troubleshoot these things? I am pretty adept with V-bullitin, but this is becoming more problematic than anything.

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As you're looking at the main page of the gallery, right above where it says "Welcome, EnosFan" there's an orange bar that has My Photos My Favorites and then over on the right there should be Home, Search, Profile and Upload Photos.

If some reason that bar is not showing we'll have to get Mufn in on this one.

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At the very top of the screen, I have the Hazzardnet banner.

right below that the Hazzardnet Forums bar, with 'Welcome Enos Fan' as you write, but the 'My Photos', 'My Favorites' are on the left with 'Home', 'Search' and 'Profile' on the right side are below it. This red bar is squished between the two different icons that say 'Welcome Enos Fan'.

There is no 'Upload Photos' command at all on my account. It could be that regular members don't have that command at all for board safety reasons. Probably the way an administrator can find out is to log out of his/her account and check it as a guest just to make sure it would work. That's my only suggestion. Otherwise, I'm not really sure. For me, there is no command on my computer to 'upload' pictures directly to the site at all. It's not that I'm not seeing it, it's just not there. I checked it with the IE browser, as well as with Firefox, and there isn't any way to do it.

What I can do is upload the picture to a photo storage account with a link to the picture through Image Shack and then an administrator or moderator can upload the picture him/herself. That's the only thing I can suggest. Right now I seem to be encountering all sorts of quirks here with this and am rather the 'problem kid' all around. ;)

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