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  1. i love burnt cheese and burnt hotdogs i burn the franks thay tastes so good
  2. i love cars i would be cooter even tho i am a girl
  3. try toothpaste the whit kind not gel the cheap stuff works
  4. Is anything safe anymore?!thunsonds was killed by that stuff
  5. I started a new group called JhonandTom a support group for the boys. I need ideals on how to help em.I have photos as well. I met with cooter and we talked for an hour about the show and the pops.He knows I strated a group.He was thrilled that I did! I will upload some pics of cooter sometim in the next few days!
  6. You hit it on the nail buddy! I donot think anyone could have said it better then you. I may be crazy but i aint dumb! i'm goneat
  7. i went to eBay and got all seasons of dukes dvd and it was 120$ but worth every red cent i have them now!!!!!!!!
  8. your right on that one! they would have take the whole show off if the flag is the issue! you know folks will always find something to gripe about.we arre good ole boys and gals we will get over this hump in the road.we are american by birth southern by pride they can't take that from us.so pops don't tred on me! thees clors don't bleed we have rights yall keep it between the ditches i'm gone
  9. I am gona see him in Oklahoma city this Friday i can not wait oh god! I may faint. he is so hot!!!!!!!!! I am too excided
  10. What the tarnations is wrong with them folksup north? tom an john are good people an good singers what about ther american rights?! that show aint racist they had a black man play the dentist who pulled uncle jessies tooth . yall remeber that one?
  11. i t was ok but they could have done more jumps. if the genreal car was human i would marry him!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. we must look at tom as tom. not luke. luke is a ficnal chartor. tom is a real breathin human. he made a mistake yes. but alot o folk are abashin the heck out ol him.donot bash him pray fre em he needs the soport of his family freiend and fans right now. we donot know what may be goin on in his persnal life.he may or may not have a drinkin problem ifin he dose he needs help not bashin
  13. let all go to the chat room and pray fer tom tonight! he need us fan right now! more then ever. i love you tom my prayers are with ugod bless tom wopat
  14. hows everyone the chat room is greatr
  15. it is safe he was the best car fixer uper in hazzard and so dam hot lookin
  16. i hve a or had a crush on him he was my type of guy not afaide to get dirty rough lookin he was hot
  17. i and my husband are workin on a fanfic about cooter fallin in love i'll send it in asap
  18. now thats cool !!!!!!!! a limozeen lookin like the genraal hee haw!!!!!!!!!!
  19. man thats funny this is the place to hang ourt at
  20. hell u could not pay a millon doolers to go to that dam thing i will not insult ben jone that way
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