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  1. oh, dont worry, i really dont care what they have to say, i wear it with pride let me tell ya.............................YEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWWWW and GIT R DONE Travis
  2. i have the hazzard county cooters hat. I wore it for a hat day here at school and people said it had a second meaning that wasnt in anyway related to the dukes..........
  3. Thanks Brian, i havnt seen that episode in a long time, cant wait to see it now
  4. I was just lookin in the images on the site and ran across a few where boss is in a police uniform, i dont remember this episode. Could anyone tell me which it is and what session? Thanks, T-Man
  5. I made one something like that for my finale project here at school. I am in a class called Digital Media, so we are always using photoshop. I am trying to figure out a way to post it to show everyone since it is saved to my computer, any ideas??
  6. I seen it during the country music awards last night, anyone else??
  7. Well, after trying all week, i finally got it to work. It was great! All i have to say is its gonna be a long couple of months. I cant wait til August 5.
  8. I would also like to know how to do the pictures if you guys could help
  9. I wondering the same thing. My dad and i was talking about the same thing a few weeks ago, it would be pretty sweet.
  10. Now i can add a photo and an autograph from Cledus, he was a really nice guy too!!!
  11. T-Man

    Catherine Bach

    She is the one and only!!
  12. Hey, had a great time, Cooters Place was a blast. We got there and Cletus was there. He was pretty cool, the place was just great. I got his autograph and talked to him for a while. I sat in the general and got my picture taken. I took some pictures of all of his cars he had,but it was raining alittle so i dont know if they turned out or not, i will try to find out tonight. It was getting pretty crowded so we had to get out of there.
  13. It has finally come. Tonight (4/21/05) My family and I are leaving for Gatlinburg to go to "Cooters Place". I am looking forward to a great time. I will take pictures and post them when i get back. Hopefully you guys can direct me on how to post pictures when i get back! Talk to you you guys on Monday!
  14. yeah so do i, i am 17 almost 18 and i am still waiting. I saw one in a auto trader around here for $19,000 completely re-done, but it really wasnt re-done right, alkinds of wrong parts and things.
  15. How about when he tells Enos: "Monkey see, Monkey Do!, and later in the show they run into each other and Enos looks at him and says "Monkey see, Monkey Do!, aint that right Sheriff". I thought that was pretty good
  16. Yeah, whats he thinkin, I am gonna be the VP
  17. I have met Bo, Rosco, Enos, and Cooter. All four of them very very nice. My favorite out of all of them would be Cooter. After he signed my things i had, we talked for a bit, and as i walked away he followed me over to my parents and talked to them for a few minutes. Super nice guy, i am going to his place in Gatlinberg next Thursday, i cant wait!
  18. I dont live down there myself, but i have family that does, i go down there to see them and to do some four-wheelin. I go to West Liberty, its about 30 to 45 minutes outside of Morehead, I love it down there!
  19. I have met 4 dukes related, and thats pretty much it! -Rosco -Enos -Bo -Cooter
  20. sounds real good to me, maybe we should make a little noise or something, its worth a try!
  21. I know i will get it, i cant wait
  22. I have to say that i really dont have a favorite, they are all great and its really hard to pick one. But if i had to pick it would be the good ol General Lee!
  23. He is really nice in person. I met him last year at a car show here were i live. He talked to me for a few minutes and when he was done talking to me and signing my things, he went over to my parents who was waiting for me and talked to them for a few minutes. Out of all the cast i have met(bo,rosco,enos,cooter)he was the most friendly. They were all nice but cooter was the best, more down to earth.
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