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  1. I think one breast was slightly larger than the other or the top moved. Or maybe they just wanted to make her look more enticing to the male audience.
  2. That will be great when it comes. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of it
  3. I wish I could say that I thought of the line, "collapse under the weight of its own ridiculousness", but that came from someone far more intelligent than myself. It's so true.
  4. Something I learned about political correctness (I didn't capitalize it since it's so stupid), is that eventually it will collapse under the weight of its own ridiculousness.
  5. I remember the Farrah poster with her in the red top. She was married to Lee Majors at the time. He starred in the Six Million Dollar Man. Talk about Power Couples at the time..wow.
  6. You are half-right. Yes, his name begins with a T, but it is not Tom Cruise.
  7. News Broadcasters are very attractive. I can easily attest to that . So are opinion show hosts that comment on the news each night---*Massive hint there, boys*
  8. LOL nope.. negative times eight. Besides, my crush is soo much better looking and smarter than all those guys combined and multiplied. Another hint- he was born in May.
  9. I love that line "the ship already abandoned us!" that is a funny line and scene.
  10. Ha ha..nope to both. Let's see if a description would help: He's 6'1" with dark hair and the deepest blue eyes. He has very large shoulders and hands. He's extremely articulate and intelligent. I have to add witty with a biting sarcasm. He also has a smile that could make Broadway's lights dim.
  11. I'm still at one and only crush. There is no number two crush for me. LOL.
  12. That will be great when you get that hat. Hopefully, you will receive it soon.
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