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  1. Roof had a Rebel Flag, but he wasn't a Dukes' fan, right? What other folks are saying is that people and even certain media outlets will target the Dukes of Hazzard until it gets banned like other products out there have. You've heard about the Dr. Seuss books, correct? Six of them have been deemed "racist" and apparently, even if someone tries to sell on eBay they'll be removed (I haven't checked though I wouldn't be surprised). Those who want to cancel everything will eventually be canceled themselves. People around the world are losing freedom and free speech, yet they can't see i
  2. Hi. I actually wasn't though I hope it'll be watchable.
  3. Hello. I've been after a DVD set of the show, but I'd like to know if any of y'all have made picture quality comparisons between all the ones available? Far as I know, there's the "Original Set" with the Confederate Flag, and then two repackaged releases (Standard DVD cases and a newer with two fat cases containing all discs), released in the U.S. Now, in the U.K., there were the individual DVD seasons and a complete boxset (repackage of the individual seasons). There might be more in the world, although the best ones are likely the U.S. due to being in NTSC format and running a
  4. Hi, all. I'm a newish Dukes of Hazzard fan as I first watched random episodes of the show on TV a few years ago and now I'm watching them in their respective order, so far I'm on Season 4 and really enjoying it. That said, I'm glad there's this community as the show has been deemed "racist" by the media and so many would rather avoid talking about it even though the boys, Hogg and everyone were never offensive/racist (Hogg and Rosco were corrupt and slimy, but that's their thing). Bye.
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