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  1. This is a TV Movie and I know I should have kept my expectations low, but it was pretty boring and uninteresting. Even with Mr. Schneider, Reba McEntire, and about Christmas. That being said, I liked seeing him working on something new and McEntire looked stunning.
  2. The best Dukes game isn't even a Dukes of Hazzard property, it's part of EA's Burnout franchise: Burnout Paradise https://burnout.fandom.com/wiki/Hunter_Cavalry_Bootlegger It doesn't have the flag which is part of General Lee's identity, but aside that it's pretty awesome. This game is full of jumps over everywhere and I love that!
  3. Yes, I've read about his political beliefs and while I don't agree with it (it goes against what our country stands for), I enjoy his character on the show. John Schneider has a much better sense of reality and he's not a politician. Ah, end of off-topic.
  4. Yeah, just not Season 7. The HD version removed the episode preview and instead goes straight to the opening, plus they cropped it to 16:9, but if that doesn't bother you then it's an excellent release. I've seen a few episodes and really enjoyed it.
  5. And that's Mr. Johnny Cash. I never looked up if he was in any as I didn't want to spoil myself, but it was disappointing that I had reached the end [of the series] and he never showed up. But hey, he made a song about the General Lee. It sure feels like we were cheated out.
  6. Well, I seen them yesterday and I gotta say it was disappointing and sad, at the same time. Uncle Jesse sort of felt lost and alone and it just didn't feel rigjt, Roscoe should've retired years ago, and Coy, Vance and Hughie Hogg weren't even included for these reunion flicks. But the one I missed the most? Boss. However, I did enjoy Toby Keith's performance and he's probably glad to be part of it.
  7. I finally watched it today and it left me rather unsatisfied, it felt more like "just another episode" than the series final episode. It didn't seem like they cared much for it, like they just wanted to be done with it? That being said, it's still a good season and I enjoyed seeing Hughie Hogg again on this final/canceled season.
  8. This season seven episode condensed what could have been a 1h45m movie to simply 45mins with the Dukes and it was awesome! Anyone who's never seen the show, but loves or enjoys Westerns can watch this and feel right at home. Plus, it was pretty dang cool to see John Schneider dressed as a cowboy and doing a Western.
  9. There was although only released in the PAL region (Europe/Australia). If you use a PS2 Memory Card with FMCB then you can play any game via USB/HDD, regardless of region. Also, there was a second Knight Rider game, but that felt more like an "add-on."
  10. Unfortunately, there's no Dukes games for it on Wii or GameCube (backwards compatible with Wii). If you'd want to try a Dukes game without looking too outdated, I'd recommend a PS2 or Xbox. Older Dukes games like on PS1 might turn off folks because of how graphically old it looks. I plan on playing the PS2 game even though it's probably nothing great. For example, Knight Rider didn't have any solid games either, but the one on PS2 is still a lot of fun.
  11. There have been various on PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, handhelds and such, but if you've played any which would you recommend? We'll probably never see a new Dukes game or the series released on Blu-ray because folks nowadays get all offended over the flag that's on top of the General Lee. And if he doesn't have it, he ain't General Lee!
  12. For those that disliked Coy and Vance, they could look at Season 5 as the shortest one with the boys. But for any newcomers, I'd suggest watching one episode than skipping right to episode 19.
  13. I finished Season 5, "Part 1" and it made me kinda sad they had to go because they were such a great addition to the series. That being said, I do prefer Bo and Duke, obviously.
  14. I knew them Portuguese had a DVD release of the series, but never did I know there was in Spanish, too. Thanks for these covers. Not much point hunting it down unless for dubs and subs, I suppose. The best DVD release remains the American. Correct resolution, no ghosting and accurate framerate. Let's hope they'll release the series on Blu-ray, Amazon has the show in HD, but cropped to 16:9 so you can't see detail you'd see on 4:3. For that reason, I prefer the DVDs over the HD version. The Brazilian title made it sound like some sort of a porn.
  15. Hi all. Normally, a cast replacement is a bad idea, but the boys they got temporarily to switch for Bo and Luke were great. They just weren't Bo and Luke, that's all. Nowadays, if a network makes a cast replacement it's very likely to ruin the show/movie and/or the characters. Also, Byron Cherry made me remember Terence Hill with that blonde hair of his and his adorable smile.
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