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  1. Hi folks, My first time in a LOOONG time posting on the forum, and a lot of great photos to get through, but a couple of points I've picked up on from a quick browse this evening (I'll keep it to just two as I'm still remembering how to quote without losing what I'm writing!) Although an old post, this above photo, taken from the filming of s2's "Road Pirates", actually relates to an incident on-set that John Schneider has recounted several times, including in a video that is available on YouTube. (By the way, shots from this episode are fairly easy to identify as Bo wears his blue t-sh
  2. Hi folks, My first time on the forum in a LONG time (in fact, I've just spent two hours trying to remember which email I used so I could access my old account). One of my goals is to post MUCH more regularly this year, but for now... It's a key date for U.K. fans such as myself... as Sat 3rd March 1979 marked the first time 'The Dukes of Hazzard' was ever broadcast in the United Kingdom! My all-time favourite TV series, that shaped myself, my interests and my character in so many ways. Literally my first memories in life are sitting on my father's knee watching the series (he watched
  3. Hope this might make for an interesting thread for the more hardcore 'nit picker' fans (a dedicated group of which I proudly consider myself to be!) As we know, continuity from episode to episode in the Dukes was (sadly) fairly rare. After each average episode was over, the reset button was effectively pressed; things seldom affected future episodes* and there is rarely reference back to events of specific previous episodes. But there are a few exceptions, and I thought it would be fun to gather them. (* obvious exceptions, such as Daisy's Plymouth being replaced with a jeep (confused with j
  4. That's an interesting thing to consider. It's interesting, though. The role of Uncle Jesse in the series always felt to be of a no-determined-age "wise old man". When I was in my youth, I always imagined Jesse to be somewhere in his sixties. Either way, if the Dukes ever got resurrected as a sort of "new generation crossover" show (which, sadly seems the strongest option now that so many of the cast are aging or passing away), you reckon John could effectively be the new 'wise old Uncle'. This would be an interesting twist considering Bo was typically the more hot-headed Duke; Luke was alway
  5. Hi folks, I haven't been on the forum much in recent months (as I've mentioned previously, I work and often live on the canal, so often don't have regular internet, and am always on the move to bother about it much anyway - in fact, I don't even own a TV now). But just had to pitch in and say what a shame we lost James Best, and relatively suddenly, too. The day the news broke, I had rode up the canal into Camden Market in London (a 40-mile odd round trip). Ironically it was my Dad who text to tell me (""Rosco P. Coltrane has died"), after he heard it on the news. Sadly most of my family mem
  6. Like a number of things, the "rules" of the Duke boy's probation varied from episode to episode. Sometimes it was implied they'd be arrested for crossing the county line, other times it was suggested that they could cross it if back within a certain time limit. And just how they managed to leave Hazzard to tour the NASCAR circuit in the fifth season never really was explained at all. By the last couple of seasons, the probation scenario was often dropped into the background and forgotten much of the time, though came into play again in other episodes. Likewise, just what Boss was and wasn't c
  7. Well, the story has a happy outcome, as basically it gave the Police bad coverage and they dropped the case - http://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/11385861.Illegal_air_horn_charge_dropped_against__Dukes_of_Hazzard__driver_Wayne/ It really could be one of Boss and Rosco's plans from a typical episode, couldn't it! (Even the above article suggests similar) I think the car would have got off on a technicality anyway, as it is old enough to legally be exempt from the law, but even so the Police made themselves look ridiculous on this matter so eventually dropped it. Yes I thought that too, Roth, s
  8. Hey gang. Barely on the forums at the moment as Summer is my busy season, but I just had to share this. This story is both amusing (as in, it could be straight out of an episode, could imagine Boss and Rosco planning it!) and annoying, how how U.K. Police can waste time on something so trivial and yet ignore many bigger real crimes. Basically, a General Lee was carrying newlyweds in Dorset, U.K., when the drive, a Wayne Duke (yes, really) sounded the Dixie horn twice, and the Police promptly pulled them over from breaking the law! Can almost imagine the officer having Flash in the passenger
  9. Hi Gang, Been away from the forum for a month or two - been canal festival season, which is busy for me, and means even less web access. Either way, whist I'm away, the Dukes have been at play with the new Autotrader commercial. I was quietly amused at the numerous continuity errors (I spotted the disappearing roll cage straight away) but in a bizarre way it was in keeping with the TV show, where details of the General would not only vary between episodes, but sometimes within the same episode. Little touches such as "Daisy's Denim Depot" (which HossC has already covered) were really nice.
  10. Can't say I've ever noticed this. The episode you mention, season one's "The Big Heist", does indeed mention Bo getting new boots which don't fit very well, which causes him to limp his way through the episode, but I don't think the point was ever continued beyond that episode. Maybe John was just acting "in character".
  11. Very true about Cletus, Hoss, I forgot to include that one Cooter did indeed get through the caps (and tshirts); as with Rosco's hats this is one I'll have to go into in more detail in some point One key thing I meant to include in my list, but somehow forgot, was Bo's hair. In the final season, John Schneider had a slightly different hairstyle - less bushy at the sides, and with his parting on the other side of his head, making it pretty easy to tell if a shot of Bo is from season 7,
  12. D'oh - my above post was intended for the Rare and Behind the Scenes photo thread (just copied it over accordingly). Though in an odd way it does kinda fit here as well. Kinda.
  13. This is a VERY rough guide, but here are a few notes to go by to narrow down when a photo was taken. Luke ----- In the first season, Luke wears a blue and white plaid shirt with a denim jacket over it, and has longer hair. For much of the second season, he wears a plain mid-blue shirt, and has somewhat shorter hair; in the latter half of the second season, he returns to his first season shirt and jacket. In the third season, he returns to wearing a blue and white plaid shirt, but of lighter tones than his other versions; his hair is slightly longer. In the fourth season his hair is longer, clo
  14. This is a VERY rough guide, but here are a few notes to go by to narrow down when a photo was taken. Luke ----- In the first season, Luke wears a blue and white plaid shirt with a denim jacket over it, and has longer hair. For much of the second season, he wears a plain mid-blue shirt, and has somewhat shorter hair; in the latter half of the second season, he returns to his first season shirt and jacket. In the third season, he returns to wearing a blue and white plaid shirt, but of lighter tones than his other versions; his hair is slightly longer. In the fourth season his hair is longer, c
  15. Howdy, Haven't been on-line much last week or so, but I'm still around I'll have to double-check "Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane"; my memory is telling me that in a few close-ups or Rosco, the 'E' disappears and re-appears.
  16. That's very kind of you I feel I'm on information overload at the moment, as I find these old threads and suddenly 30+ years of 'Dukes' analysing comes spilling out! My internet periods are sometimes patchy (I partly work/live on a boat so don't always have internet connection) but it's great to share the passion and swap stories with other such dedicated Dukes fans.
  17. I thought as soon as I had posted that maybe it's not as common knowledge as it might seem Ben is the easiest to spot, he's right near the beginning of the film as the Enis brothers arrive at the fairground to see the Bandit. He has several lines and sports a huge moustache. I've seen Ben in an interview where he said it was during his alcoholic days (which he triumphantly beat by the time of 'Dukes'), where he rose from a hard night's "honkey tonkying", did the scene, went back to sleep, and awoke later dreaming that he had done a scene in a movie!
  18. Great job as always, Hoss. For some years, a couple of movie fan friends and I knew that John Schneider was said to be in the film somewhere, but could never find him (hardly surprising ) One friend-of-a-friend insisted he was the blonde car thief from Sheriff Justice's first scene in the film, which it quite clearly wasn't.
  19. I've always been intrigued by the one-off appearance by "(an)other Duke cousin", motorcycle riding Jeb Stuart Duke, played by Christopher Hensel, in season three's "Along Came a Duke". Odd that he would be introduced in such a way, never featured again, and in all my years collecting and writing about Dukes, I have never really found out the story behind the character. In my youth, part of me wondered if he had been introduced as a possible replacement for Bo should John Schneider ever leave - I vaguely recall an article with Schneider suggested that producers gave him a hard time after misle
  20. No idea why the poll at the top is so hard to read - makes voting a bit awkward.
  21. That's the one. I was getting my "Donald Duck's nephews" mixed up. I wonder if we would have ever met Louie Hogg
  22. I almost explode with delight when I find these threads For so many years I've collected such bits of trivia, and finally have a place to share and exchange them. One of my favourite "real life things" is in the second episode, "Daisy's Song". Near the start, as Daisy's song finishes playing on the radio, The Balladeer comments that "..for those of you ignorant of good music, Jessi Colter is one of the world's greatest singers - 'though I'm partial to June Carter myself." Jessi Colter was of course, Waylon's wife. As an in joke, possibly in keeping with the risque humour of the first couple
  23. This is a fun thread 'Though as far as I've ever made out, geography for the area was pretty much thrown together as plots dictated and writers made it up - certainly there are many generic but amusing road and location names that suddenly pop up as reference points in various episodes (my favourite, as I've mentioned previously in another thread, is "Waylon Corners" in s7's "Danger on the Hazzard Express"), and often contradicted in others. Either way, trying to piece together a map of Hazzard is great fun - even if it is along the lines of the famous "Trying to work out where Springfield i
  24. A shot of Jess(i)e with his misspelled name from "Welcome Back, Bo 'n' Luke" was used in one of the later U.K. Dukes annuals (where stills from episodes were used to illustrate stories), and it stood out to me even back then, long before I had started collecting and trading episodes on VHS. I've always liked s2's "Witness for the Persecution" too. I think I'm correct in that on it's original broadcast it was a 'very special episode' (in that it had heavier promotion and possibly in a different time-slot), and was a first in that it was the first time that the Dukes had actually assisted Boss
  25. Great work as always, Hoss. Hoping my memory is holding up well now - I recall the interior shots seeming to be a Charger, but as I don't have regular TV / DVD access nowadays, I'm going by pure memory. Shoulda known there'd already be a thread on Jessie's mis-spelled name the forums are so big that I'm still slowly wading my way through. When back at "home home" recently I did watch s4's "Shine on Hazzard Moon" and spotted a couple of little interesting points. In one sequence, when Bo and Luke, accused of stealing the orphanage money, come running out of the Boar's Nest chased by Rosco a
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