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  1. Nope. Definitely not. Whereabouts in Iowa? (I'm in Urbandale/Des Moines.)
  2. Airwolf was a totally different show to Knight Rider--look at the main characters: Stringfellow Hawke was reclusive, sensitive, and a loner. Yes, Michael Knight was a "young loner on a crusade...", but he was hardly reclusive. I can see where you might think that Knight Rider was a spinoff of Airwolf, but they were two completely different shows. If anything, Airwolf was intended as a spinoff of Magnum, P.I. (Another Donald P. Bellisario creation, the same man who created Airwolf.)
  3. I have: Season 1 & 2 of Emergency! The original Battlestar Galactica (was only one for one season). Season 1-3 of Airwolf (I ignore the fourth "season," because of the way they eliminated the entire cast...Dom was killed, String was injured in the same explosion that killed Dom, and after being reunited with Saint John, taken up to his cabin, presumably to die, but the biggest injustice, in my opinion, was that the character of Caitlin O'Shannessy disappeared without so much as a mention!) Okay, stepping off the soapbox, I also have: Season 1-4 of Knight Rider And, Season 1, 3, 4, and 5 of DOH.
  4. Thanks, Hobie Harkins! I loved that episode...and not to nit, but Hobie's line was, "He's got two men headed for the gravel pit right now, with enough explosives in that car to blow it higher than I am!" (I'm watchin' it right now.)
  5. Thanks, HossC! If that doesn't, then the fact that I have certain conversations in certain episodes memorized (from watching them so danged much) probably does! DOH was my favorite series, until Airwolf came along.
  6. Thanks, Roth! One of the things that always amazed me was how the General Lee could jump so often and rarely show any kind of damage! (He did suffer a little damage in Carnival of Thrills when he landed after the 32-car jump, but I don't recall much otherwise!) I mean, the
  7. Iowa, to be exact. I loved the Dukes of Hazzard growing up...watching the General tear around Hazzard County and jumping over creeks (and anything else they could find). I have the first, third, fourth and fifth seasons on DVD, along with the first two reunion movies. (Don't know if that qualifies me as a 'serious' DOH fan, but what the heck!) I do know I loved the show!
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