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  1. Thinking about Roscoe for the last couple days

    1. Meadowmufn


      I've been thinking about him a lot lately too.

  2. Yea Ratbag made the last one and did a great job in fact they even came to Ga. for some materiel for the game. I hope they make the next one.
  3. So if Abraham Lincoln Hogg is boss's only brother would that make Jamie Lee and Hugie his kids ?
  4. I hear that well the only reason i say that is because wither people liked them or not they are still part of duke history.
  5. Hopefully with any luck someone will buy it and restore it
  6. Just a thought might be pretty cool if the remaining cast would reprise there role's
  7. Coy and Vance should have been on the cover of the dvd for season 5
  8. Have any dates been annouced yet in the Georgia area ?
  9. I asked this question on another form but thought might put it hear also. I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about news on restoring the farm house ?
  10. I had heard from another dukes fan that some guy in alabama was going to restore the duke farm but that was 2yrs ago has anyone heard the same ? Im heading down there in a couple weeks so i guess we will see.
  11. Any rumors of a new dukes game either for the ps3/4 or xbox360/one ?
  12. Ok thats what i thought was just confirming. As allways thanks for the info
  13. Yea I knew she was never heard of again but I just didnt know if they had given an explanation as to how boss got his position back.
  14. Wow those are some great looking cars ! How are the joyrid version and johnny lightning versions of the general and the others do you know ?
  15. So i was watching this episode today along with arrest jesse duke and I was wondering if it was ever explained how boss hogg got his postion back as county commissioner when he lost it to Thelma (I think thats her name) just wondering. Thanks
  16. Had a great time meeting Rick Hurst in gatlinburg a coupel weeks ago he is a very nice guy im looking forward to meeting him again with the rest of the cast in nashville in a few weeks
  17. Wich General Lee/Double 0/Police die-cast cars in terms of detail are the best to get ?
  18. Does anyone know wich episodes the 00 appeard in ? Thanks
  19. Dang that freakin sux bad !!!! Like what has been suggested I say we try and convience whoever to rebuild ( I would even go out there and build it myself)Hopefully its not a lost cause
  20. Update: Im taling about the rebuilding of the farm as I am aware of its dismantel.
  21. Even though Im just joining this site I care about the Duke farm very much and would love to see it rebuilt. So what is the latest on this story does anyone know ? Or has anyone contacted the Politicans in Ga ? If not is there anything else being done that i may join in and help ?
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