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  1. Haha
    MaryAnne got a reaction from Skipper Duke in Song from Daisy's Song   
    I found it! It's called "That's the Way a Cowboy Rocks and Rolls." It's on iTunes on the Jessi Colter Collection album. The sample of the song has that line that Lukas noted.
    Argh...iTunes is bein' a pain and I can't purchase the album or the song at this time. Frizzin'...frazzzn'...&%*$!&%!
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from JOSEPH WOOD in New users - first post   
    Hey y'all,
    Just a note to new users that your first post or posts will be moderated and they won't show immediately when you post. HNet is patroled pretty much daily by admin, but please allow admin time to catch up and approve posts before ya post the same post again. LOL
    Techncially, new users are moderated on their first 10 posts before they become a "regular" user, but if we can see you're a serious Dukes fan, we move ya over to regular status pretty quick so you can enjoy the site.
    That concludes this here public announcement. Carry on y'all!
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from Flint Duke in The Mean Green Machine   
    Well done Hoss!
    I always wondered if the Machine was something that was built special. In other words they (the studio) fabricated the body and put it on the chasis of something else - a truck more n' likely. Because it doesn't look like any kind of other vehicle, like a military vehicle, that I've ever seen.
    It always reminded me of something the A-Team would've put together. ROFL
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from DixieDavenport in Am I the only one   
    Hey RebellWolf,
    I'll have you know I check this site every day. Several times a day actually. Don't always have that extra minute to post but I do keep up with what's going on here.
    You're not the only one old enough to remember the show. You're not the only one who's lived Hazzard style.
    Son...you are in good company. =)
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from MrsRosco1996 in HNET RULES AND POLICY FOR ROUND ROBINS - READ FIRST!   
    UPDATED: March 2006
    **Please note the updates for rule 1, 3, 5 and new addition of #7.**
    1. ANYONE may participate. (If you're lookin' to restrict a Round Robin, yer in the wrong section of town. LOL). However, there are times in a story when dialoge or action will go back and forth between two or more characters/authors for a scene. Please adhere to rules of the cue. If you weren't cued, don't post until such time as the cue is opened to anyone. Authors need to remember tho', do not abuse the rule of the cue by trying to monopolize the story this way.
    2. Posts to the story are strongly encouraged follow that which has been previously written, in order to maintain continiuity. However, no one person may dominate the story by telling everyone else what to post. The whole point of a Round Robin is to come up with something in which the other participants must react to, and so on. Don't be predictable...but don't write something so far off that it's unrecognizable as to how it fits in with the rest of the story.
    3. Please don't post your greivances about a particular RR (whatever the grievence may be) within the story thread of that particular RR. It's really distractin' to the story. Disputes over posts should be resolved with the participants if possible and should be done off the boards and NOT within the story thread. If agreement can not be reached, then the dispute will be brought before an administrator (myself, for example). If there is a request to delete a particular post it will be put to a vote by all those who have participated in the RR, providing all members have included an authentic email address at which they can be contacted at in their profile (the email does not have to be "public." As administrator, I can see everyone's emails.) No real email, no vote. All voting is done off the boards with each participant emailing their vote to the administrator. The administrator will then tally the votes and make the decision on a majority rules basis.
    4. It is up the participants of the RR's (particularly the individual who started the RR) to archive their fics to be placed in the Round Robin section of the Fanfic section of Hazzardnet.com (if they wish to do this). This includes compling all posts into a single file, editing the posts together to make the story flow and crediting all participants of the RR.
    5. Original characters from the show are "open" for anyone to use in their posts. For example, say I (MaryAnne) write a post with Rosco (duh. LOL). Anybody else can post a few lines from Rosco as well. HOWEVER...if, say, Bo and Luke are currently involved in a scene at the courthouse, or they're in jail, don't go posting in your post that they're suddenly back at the farm or at the Boar's Nest. Remember, folks, continuity!!
    6. Fanfiction characters are exclusive to their authors only. Don't post anything with another person's character without asking permission first. Co-authored posts are allowed.
    7. Please try to keep the language to a minimum (the popular Coltranese of *$(%!*% always works nice. LOL). Also, please be aware that we have a wide range of age groups that visit this site. Please keep your stories within the G to PG13 range. Slash fiction is not allowed here at HNet.
    8. Rules are subject to revisions and changes as needed.
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from MrsRosco1996 in You Know You've Been Watching Dukes of Hazzard Too Much When...   
    Oh man, yes! One of my old cell phones had a Dixie ring tone and naturally, I had it as mine. Khee!!
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from MrsRosco1996 in You Know You've Been Watching Dukes of Hazzard Too Much When...   
    Your other favorite saying is "buzzards on a buzz saw!"
    You giggle like Rosco sometimes (guilty! ROFL)
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from Roth Potter in The Official Photo Caption Thread   
    Luke: I just figured out what this car needs.
    Bo: What?
    Luke: An 01 on the doors...
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    MaryAnne reacted to B.L. Davenport in Reputation   
    Glad someone's reputation is improving around here, I been a member since 2007 and my reputation box is still black/grey
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    MaryAnne reacted to dukefan in Reputation   
    So do I have to be naughty or nice ??? heck I don't know, I want that dang thing Green...lol. well at least reddish orange to match the General...lol
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from Julieduke in dukes of hazzard reunion   
    DaisyMae's correct, it is available on DVD with the second reunion movie with it. You can find it on sites like Amazon.com and such.
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    MaryAnne reacted to JAMorrison in A Few Good Bad Guys   
    *Jack cursed his luck - and apparent lack of smarts - as he watched from behind a tree in the woods as Brian rummaged through the Caprice. Now, Brian had not just one gun...he had two. And he was probably just itching to use the shot gun.*
    *Jack still had his 9mm, and two extra clips in his pocket, but he swore under his breath. The odds were now very much against him. Jack considered his limited options: Stay in the woods and wait for Brian to come looking for him, or keep walking and find a way out on the otherside, find another road and take his chances there. Brian didn't seem to be in any hurry to come looking for him, so Jack figured he was waiting. And given the hour of the day, he figured he was waiting for nightfall.*
    *The sun was creeping low toward the western horizon. There was only a few precious hours until dusk. Jack turned around, keeping his back to the tree trunk that he was hidden behind and he surveyed the wooded area he was in.*
    *The Georgia pines were thin where he was at, but thickened further back. There was no telling how far back the woods ran, it could have been anywhere from a mile to ten miles. He wondered if it was possible for him to make a bad decision twice.*
    *There was, of course, one more option. A crazy option. Insane. Practically suicide. Jack couldn't believe he was even briefly considering it since Brian had a fully loaded shotgun in his hands. They were the only two on the road and in the area. There were no witnesses. Jack could be gunned down and it would be over.*
    *Or would it? The only thing that gave him any consulation was if something did happen to him, Atlanta police would come looking for him and for answers. And Brian's cousins would have a very difficult decision to make as to what they told.*
    *Afterall, Jack had only come to Hazzard to pick up justice's overdue payment...*
    *On the other hand, Jack wasn't looking to get himself killed easily. So the last option was discarded.*
    *He glanced over his shoulder, peering around the tree trunk back at Brian, still standing by his Impala. Jack then faced the woods again and took a deep breath. He then launched himself away from the tree and went straight, keeping the tree he had left between himself and Brian's line of sight. Coltrane would catch a glimpse of him, he was sure, especially as he zig zagged around a smaller tree to duck behind a larger one for cover.*
    *Reaching just such a tree, Jack paused, hidden and peered around back toward the road*
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    MaryAnne reacted to Laura Duke in Reputation   
    Thanks for getting back to me. I did look at the forum about "Reputation" Thanks, it did answer some of my questions. The only part that I couldn't get was how to view what people wrote about as far as a reputation on your posts, and which posts they commented on. Do you think you could help me out with that?
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    MaryAnne reacted to Val Strate in Schneider/Wopat slammed for 'racist' show   
    This is outrageous! I mean people are going to far with this Confederate flag BS. However I can believe it because when I was in high school, the high school wanted to ban all shirts, decals or any kind of appearance of the Confederate flag. The student body however fought back and won.
    Our argument was that the Confederate flag is a symbol and that it's interpreted how ever you want to interpret it. To some, it's a racist symbol, to others, it's a sign of heritage and rebellion that harrows the idea of freedom to fight for what you believe in, and even if you know you may loose the battle. To take that freedom of expression away from someone is just as much bigotry and hate as the idea of racism in the first place. It's also taking away a person’s right to express without harming anyone, which is the first amendment of this great nation, which so many have forgotten.
    I read the article from the Akron Beacon and I have to shake my head in dismay when I read this one phrase and I quote:
    But Edith Thrower, president of the Cincinnati branch of the NAACP, said she was contacted a few weeks ago by Pops conductor Erich Kunzel who told her that someone had suggested that a plan to refer to the TV show in promoting the performers' appearance would be offensive. He wanted the NAACP's reaction, she said.
    "I contacted our national office and was advised that it would be best if we didn't support an effort like this," said Thrower. "It's very clear how we feel about the Confederate flag and the long and arduous fight we have conducted to get rid of that symbol of a very unpleasant time in our history."
    Ok, hold on here, it's a problem because you feel it's a problem. That is the problem with political correctness. Sometimes political correctness is needed but when it's in extreme like this case, it's no better than its solutions! Racism and bigotry is a feeling a person has about a race of people. It's obvious that the knee-jerking political correctness crowd is no better because they are making unfair judgments about a TV show (which they probably have never watched).
    We Duke Fans aren't hurting anyone. Just in our theme song it even says, "Just a good old boys, never meanin' no harm...†We like the culture of the South, and for the Cincinnati orchestra to say they don't want to celebrate southern culture is just as bad as the idea that Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and everyone who displays it is a bigot. Now that is racism right there, and I tell you, racism does go both ways. Anyone who is educated on the matter should know that fact.
    People really need to stop being so uptight about what is and what isn't.
    Stick a fork in me, cause I'm done...
    Val Strate
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    MaryAnne reacted to Val Strate in Appomattox Challenge - MaryAnne's Upcoming Demotion   
    *Climbs up ontop of the proverbaly soap box*
    Hazzardites! Aren't you concerned? Isn't anyone besides me, MaryAnne and MM worried about the possibility of Hazzard going into the hands of chaos? I understand that you got control over things MM, but Brian is right you do have to sleep sometime, which means he will have time to come up with new schemes and plots. Citizens, this is serious! We need to rally to the cause and help back MaryAnne. He can't take MaryAnne's badge if the citizens of Hazzard show that we don't want it taken away!
    Like I called out to all my fellow Enos writers before, we must unite! Writers, it's time to write and save MaryAnne's badge!
    *blows in a conch shell to rally up the Hazzardnet writers*
    I don't care if you call yourself a writer or not, write some kind of story to send to help MaryAnne! Come on gang, we need to fight for the rite to write! Flood that mailbox!
    Val Strate
    Game Warden
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    MaryAnne reacted to Meadowmufn in Appomattox Challenge - MaryAnne's Upcoming Demotion   
    You forget that I'm a programmer and wrote a good chunk of the code that has run HNet over the years. HNet can certainly shpy on you for me and alert me to any misdeeds you might be up to. In fact, I'll just set my Palm Treo next to the bed every night and setup HNet to text message me any time you login. I'm a very light sleeper. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
    Or maybe not. But you won't know if I set that up, will you? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Ok, I've had my quota of evil laughs for today. I'm gonna go watch tv.
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    MaryAnne reacted to Val Strate in Appomattox Challenge - MaryAnne's Upcoming Demotion   
    Ban MaryAnne?! Brian takin' over?! Crickets and Crocs! This is outrageous!
    If Brian takes over, there will be chaos in the streets! The sun will shine during the night and the night will become day! The world will revolve backwards! All clocks will run counter clockwise! Cats and dogs will be living together! It's not natural! It's insane!
    As an upholder of nature and a fellow officer of the law, it my sworn duty to help protect the order which is here; I will take your challenge Mr. Coltrane!
    Don't worry MaryAnne, you have the endorsement of the Wildlife department behind ya!
    *Looks to the crowd* My fellow Hazzardites, we can not sit back and let this idly happen! It's time to take action! We need to preserve what we love. If you love the way Hazzardnet is, then stand up and fight for it! Write a story! Save MaryAnne's badge!
    I call all Enos writers out there, (and I know you're out there guys), rally to this cause! Help save Hazzardnet and MaryAnne!
    If Brian takes over there is no telling what will happen. Why, the whole format of the forums could change from our favorite orange and black to pink, with purple polka dots! Brian is a great leader but he's known for chaos and randomness. Help restore order! Save MaryAnne!
    It's time to start writing! *pounds fist into hand then looks around kind of clueless* Um... Has anyone seen my pencil?
    Val Strate
    Hazzard Game Warden
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from MinDuke in Appomattox Challenge - MaryAnne's Upcoming Demotion   
    First, thank ya Val! I know I can always rely on fellow officers of the law in my time of need. Khee!
    Meanwhile, Brian....turn about is fair play I guess. Since I arbitrarely put your posterior on the line (for a good reason I might add!) it only seems fitting for you to do the same. Tho', I'm suspicious that this comes so soon after you were promoted to Administrator around here. Me thinks you're harboring some dangerous ambitions, cousin.
    Nonetheless, in the interest of friendly revenge, I accept your challenge. Although you're not challenging me directly to write a story, I can't sit back and assume everyone's gonna rush to my aide just as strongly as they came to yours. Afterall, some may not want to help me. For some reason I tend to strike fear into most people and they may decide they'd rather have the sun shine at night and for the forums to be pink with purple polka dots.
    So I too will be working on a little something for Appomattox Day, since it's my badge that's on the line. And to prevent the pink and purple polka dot theme from taking over the forums! GAH!
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from AlexJackson in Bail Bond Bonus Challenge -- Brian ya out there? =)   
    Ok y'all, I've updated DOHFF with the stories from our Bail Bond Challenge. Khee! Happy reading!!

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    MaryAnne reacted to Brian Coltrane in Bail Bond Bonus Challenge -- Brian ya out there? =)   
    I missed the deadline for pacific time, but I was within the deadline if ya go by Alaska and Hawaii time. Kinda pushin' the envelope there, but hey.
    We'll have to see what the Deputy's final opinion is. If you need me, I'll be hiding under my desk.
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    MaryAnne got a reaction from Val Strate in Bail Bond Bonus Challenge -- Brian ya out there? =)   
    Hey y'all....
    I know some of y'all are working on your stories still. Just so you know that the deadline is midnight, Pacific Standard Time of the 6th. In other words, at 12:01 am on February 7th, yer too late. LOL (Or 3:01 am EST. LOL)
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