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One Burning Question?


Which Actiion Show did you watch in the 80's?  

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  1. 1. Which Actiion Show did you watch in the 80's?

    • The Dukes Of Hazzerd(1979-1985)
    • Knight Rider(1982-1986)
    • A-Team
    • Airwolf
    • Greatest American Hero
    • Fall Guy
    • Simon and Simon
    • Macgyver
    • B.J. and the Bear

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I assumed the purpose of the poll was to see what other tv shows we watched back in the day besides the Dukes. So I ignored the Dukes in the listing and voted for the A-Team although several of the shows I watched pretty religiously as well, including the Fall Guy and Simon and Simon.

Putting the Dukes in the listing of a poll on a Dukes related board is like having an election where several candidates of several parties are on the ballot but only one party is allowed to vote. Guaranteed winner. ROFL

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And some people , :D me , grew up with all these shows.......

I have to agree with 1hellraiser, Macgyver is the only on the list I could not get into for some reason..

Airwolf was on CBS from 84-86, then on the USA Network in 87 with a new cast ...

Hey , does anyone remember the series "Rip Tide" , it was on right after The A-Team on NBC . 2 guys who were private eyes and had a crappy helicopter.

There was also another series on CBS involving a helicopter " Blue Thunder" based on the movie..

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One Burning Question here was the show Airwolf cbs answer to Knight Rider or was they both by Universal Studio?

Was Airwolf a spin-off of Knight Rider, because they are so similar as one is on the road and one in the air?

Airwolf was a totally different show to Knight Rider--look at the main characters:

Stringfellow Hawke was reclusive, sensitive, and a loner. Yes, Michael Knight was a "young loner on a crusade...", but he was hardly reclusive. I can see where you might think that Knight Rider was a spinoff of Airwolf, but they were two completely different shows. If anything, Airwolf was intended as a spinoff of Magnum, P.I. (Another Donald P. Bellisario creation, the same man who created Airwolf.)

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