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    K-Duke15 got a reaction from Hobie Harkins in I'm Back!!!   
    Lol we are!!! The world is right again
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    K-Duke15 reacted to RogerDuke in I'm Back!!!   
    K-Duke and country girl are hanging out again! Life is good!
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    K-Duke15 got a reaction from Hobie Harkins in I'm Back!!!   
    So I'm back after like 2 years or something. Not exactly sure why I strayed away but I'm back now. I hope to be a little more active and just may get more of my fanfiction worked on again. They have been such slow works in progress.
    Well I guess I've had a couple big things happen. Been working still. Cutting hair. Think I had just started when I went away. I'm still with the same company. Had switched stores in the same franchise but come Saturday I will be joining a different franchise. My benefits will be better and as well as the environment. Pay is also better which is always a plus.
    The best change: I've found myself my own good ol' boy. Like literally my own. When I met him he had a mid 2000s silver charger. Come this past February though he got himself an orange 2017 challenger with a black stripe down the middle of the hood. I technically have my own General Lee. I haven't driven him but man can he handle the road. Funny enough my guy drives just like a Duke boy. Well, without the jumping the car and everything. It's incredible how all that came around. Just my luck.
    I'm sure very few, if anyone, would remember me. I hope everyone has been doing well. If anything cool has happened, I'd love to hear. Everyone have a happy September almost October.
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    K-Duke15 got a reaction from Roth Potter in Sears/Kmart & Walmart to stop selling anything with the Confederate flag   
    This whole thing just irritates me so much. People can't keep the past in the past. Why are we bringing up something bad that happened long ago and trying to make it something again today? Why don't we just focus of the problems we have now? 
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    K-Duke15 reacted to RogerDuke in The Dukes of Hazzard is on TVLand   
    I hope they stay on TV. With all the Confederate Flag controversy the last two days I suspect the Dukes days are numbered.
    It angers me that millions of people are being punished and vilified because of what one madman did. I'm just as angry as anybody else over the massacre. Why should I be punished?