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  1. All three of the younger Dukes watched him go. A little upset that their Uncle wouldn't tell them what was going on - their family didn't usually keep secrets from each other - but knowing that he would have told them if he could. Luke finally broke the silence. "Well, I don't know about you two, but I could do with some coffee. That was a long drive, and we started early." "Yeah, and maybe something to eat, too. I've missed your cooking, Daisy!" Bo slid an arm around his cousin and watched her smile back at him. "I've got some apple pie that I made just yesterday." "Sounds good to me!" "Me, too. Come on, Bo. The quicker we wash up, the quicker we get that pie!" Both of them made their way inside, pushing each other in their haste. Daisy couldn't help but laugh a little at the way her cousins - two grown men - reverted to little boys when faced with something as simple as pie. Following them inside, her smile dimmed slightly as she thought about her Uncle and just hoped that everything would be ok.
  2. Well, as luck would have it, the boys stayed overnight with their friends, and didn't come back until the very next day. They were full of high spirits as the General Lee pulled into the yard in front of the farmhouse, both boys hopping out almost before they'd stopped properly. It'd been nice seeing their friends again, but they were both glad to be home. Daisy came out to meet them, submitting to their hugs - Bo almost lifting his cousin off the ground - and doing her best to smile and look like she was glad to see them, too. Which she was, but she was still worried about Jesse, and unfortunately, it showed. "Hey, Daisy, what's wrong?" Luke was the first to notice. "Aren't you glad to see us?" Bo pouted, trying to make his cousin smile. "Of course I am, Bo! I've missed you both!" The young woman hugged her cousin a second time. "I'm just worried about Uncle Jesse, that's all." she confessed, sobering. "Uncle Jesse? Is something wrong? / Is he sick?" the two men's voices overlapped, their smiles falling away, and being replaced with concern.
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  4. "Ok, Uncle Jesse. I'll do that." Daisy momentarily forgot about the 'handles' usually used over the air. She didn't bother telling her uncle that she had already bought them, along with some extra batteries for the flashlights they kept both in the house and the barn, having noticed Jesse packing what they had, in a bag, earlier on. "Was there anything else?" "No, that's all. I'll see you when you get home. Shepherd Out." "Bo Peep Out." Daisy continued on to work, and tried to put her worries to the back of her mind, at least until the end of her shift.
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  8. Hi Roger. I just wanted to check that you got my last message to you, yesterday. My internet decided to drop out just as I sent it, so I'm not sure if it went through. :( 


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      Um I guess I didn't get it. 

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      Drat! I'm sorry.

      Ok, basically, I've put up another piece on the role-play thread. It's not very long, and I do apologise for taking so long, but I've had some personal stuff going on and this went completely out the window! :( (Along with my brain!)

      Also, I see that Garrett Duke is back, and I know you've written with him before, would you like to invite him in  or just leave it between the two of us? I don't mind either way. I'm just flattered to be asked to join in.

       I think that was everything I had to say, and I'll try and speed up my writing next time. I'm sorry. I know it's a pain waiting on somebody who's taking forever to get back to you!


  9. I'm afraid I'm with the majority of posters on here: Strange Visitor to Hazzard. Erk. The Dukes meet ET. I'm sorry, but it just didn't work for me, either. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Another on my 'Less than Wonderful' list, which I don't see on here (So maybe I'm in the minority on this one) was the Coy and Vance episode with the Russian gymnast. Just feel it was a bit corny and contrived. What do others think?
  10. "It does explain, though..." she said thoughtfully. "Explain what?" Emma Tisdale wasn't one to let anything go when it came to her beloved Jesse Duke. Any detail, no matter how small, was grist to her mill. "Uncle Jesse said he was going away for a bit. Tomorrow. He didn't want any questions asked. Just that he had to check on an old friend, who might be in trouble. He said he'd be out of reach, but he didn't want us worrying about him, and that he should be back by supper." She looked at the older woman. 'Do you think there's something seriously wrong, Ms Tisdale? I mean, if he doesn't even want to talk about it with me or the boys?" "Oh, I doubt it, Daisy." She tried to reassure the girl. " Probably just some old coot who's lost track of the days and forgotten it's time send Jesse his letter. You know what Jesse's like. He's got a heart as big as all Hazzard, and if he thinks there's something wrong, or that someone needs help, then he'll be the first one there. Friend or stranger." " 'A stranger is only a friend you haven't met yet' " Daisy quoted one of her uncle's favorite sayings. Smiling slightly at the thought. "Thankyou, Ms Tisdale!" Bending down, she awkwardly hugged the older woman. "I'm sure you're right, and that everything will be fine!" Nevertheless, she wasn't looking forward to the next day or so. She wished her cousins would come home, soon.
  11. Dynamite's a little out of my league, but a while ago I did some fanfic with the boys and an OFC getting arrested by Rosco. She had a rather... unique way of getting them out! Lol! (And yes, it was perfectly family friendly! I don't write the other kind. Well, not for public consumption, anyway! Lol!) If you want to check it out, let me know and I'll send you a link.
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  13. Just didn't want to poke my nose where it wasn't required was all. If you get thrown in the pokey, again, I might have to find a way to break you out. Now, 'that' could be fun!
  14. A little while later Daisy followed her Uncle out to the barn. "Uncle Jesse. I'm making a shopping list. Is there anything you need to add? I can go in before work, and I can do it then. Jesse looked up at his niece, from his seat on the hay bale. "No, thankyou, sweetheart. Not at the moment. I think I've got everything I need, right now." "Okay, Uncle Jesse." She watched her uncle for a second, as he went back to whatever he was writing, before turning away herself and heading back inside. Daisy didnt want to pry, but it still upset her that her Uncle was hurting and there didn't seem to be anything she could do to help. She finished off her list and let Jesse know that she was leaving, then took Dixie into town. ......................................... After finishing her shopping and stowing it all in the jeep, Daisy walked around to get in the driver's side. Not really paying attention to any oncoming traffic. The sound of a horn and screeching brakes roused her out of her thoughts. "Look out, girl!" Looking up, Daisy realised the postmistress' bike had pulled to a stop only inches away from her. "Oh, goodness, I'm sorry, Miz Tisdale. I was thinking about something else, and I wasn't looking where I was going." "Well, you need to be more careful! What would Jesse say if I ran you over, hmmm?" Looking at the younger woman's face, she relented. "It's alright, Daisy. Nobody got hurt. You took a few more years off my life, but that's all." It was meant as a joke, but Daisy barely smiled. "I'm sorry, Miz Tisdale. Im just worried about Uncle Jesse." The postmistress looked at her searchingly, immediately concerned.. "Jesse? What's with him? He was fine when I was out at your place this morning." "There's been something on his mind all week." Daisy confessed. "I don't know what it is, but it can't be good. He's usually one of the sweetest people alive, you know that, but well, the last few days, he's been..." She paused, not wanting to say anything bad about her beloved Uncle, but at the same time wanting the older woman's advice. "He's been almost bad-tempered. He even snapped at Luke last night. I mean he apologised, but..." "Oh, Miz Tisdale, what do I do?"
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