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  1. The Impala and two dragon patterns are at my Etsy shop. I also made a Top Gear cushion (pattern is free if people request it). My latest plush car, the souped-up DeLorean from Back to the Future (Twin Pines Mall version)! I kept talking myself out of doing this one for a long time because it's such a complicated design. But finally last month I started getting some ideas about how to handle all the hardware in the back and then I just ran with it. He's a bit shorter than the General, being about 9 3/4". I'm very happy with how he turned out!
  2. Glad you like them! I don't do them as any kind of steady business but when time allows I do take commissions for them--I've done about a dozen of the Impalas over the years for other people, plus a replica of someone's own Chevy Monte Carlo, various dragons, and assorted other things. I also have patterns for the Impalas and two dragons available. They do take a lot of time though, and most of the plushes I make are for myself. Also I'm nearly done with my next car design (not a Dukes car) so I'll be posting that soon!
  3. So the wall above my desk, between a bookcase and a doorway, has been a big blank space for a couple of years. Well check it out now: It's hard to tell the scale just from the pic but it's really pretty big. The row of buildings is over 5' long (62" to be exact, the shortest building being exactly 1' high), printed out on 16 sheets. Now I can look up and see Hazzard Square every day Big thanks to Hoss for creating the images in the first place, and for kindly sending the files along. Let me tell you, when you scale them up this big you can really see the detail that went into them. One of the doors even has tiny office hours written on it!
  4. Not gonna lie, I would play the HECK out of a game where you had to fight your way through a zombie-infested Hazzard armed with nothing but a pocketknife and a compound bow. Then as you rack up zombie kills and find dropped fur coats and Egyptian crocks, you can upgrade to bigger knives and more explosive arrows by visiting Rhuebottom's. "Welllcommme!"
  5. Thanks guys! It is indeed one of the Fell Beasts (without his Nazgul rider) from the Lord of the Rings films, but a plush Drag'n'Fly dragon would be cool too. I enjoyed making this fellow; his wings, neck, and tail are wired so that he can be posed.
  6. "Luke I don't think we're in Hazzard anymore..." "I told ya you should've taken that left turn back there!"
  7. I agree, whether they showed up on camera is beside the point. Every part of a structure contributed to the whole.
  8. Awesome thread! I always watch the episodes all out of order so I wouldn't have caught any of this. I've done some of this "try to ID a building from old pictures" thing before (though in my case they were actual NYC buildings) so I know how difficult it can be. Great job so far HossC. I'm enjoying reading along.
  9. If you go to Twitter and search for "wopatofficial" and scroll down to Apr. 28 you can see various comments from the chat. Since he mainly answered the lump of questions that were asked early on, you kind of have to jump back and forth and match up replies to questions by username. I was thinking of re-arranging all the comments in a more readable text file, unless Twitter has an easier way to do this (but I don't know much about Twitter yet). As for me, I asked whether his interest in music or in theatre came first (he said music), and if there were any songs he'd always wanted to do but hadn't had the chance yet (he said on his next album he might do Joe Cocker's "Feelin' Alright," which I think is an awesome song choice).
  10. I love this thread. I've never spotted any of the ones listed here and it'll be fun looking for them next time I watch. I did see one the other day. In "The New Deputy" when Officer Barnes uses the payphone, you can see the Rhuebottom's sign behind her is spelled "Rheubottoms" (no apostrophe either).
  11. That was a lot of fun, glad I could join in. I even got a couple questions answered
  12. Hey RogerDuke, happy to hear you got the boards especially since they mean so much to you! It's good to know they're in good hands. Were I not in a budget crunch I'd have seriously considered getting something myself. What are they like, do you have any pictures?
  13. So how does a chat on Twitter work?
  14. Oh I definitely agree, getting out of the car is exactly what you should do. It's the "manually push the car" part that felt a little too close to stuff that people often try in real life, so I automatically had an "argh no don't do it" reaction. Funny thing is, if they'd done something outrageous like, I don't know, rammed it off the tracks with another car at high speed or something, I wouldn't have given it a second thought!
  15. Thanks everyone! They do take a lot of work; each car has about 50-55 separate pieces (the General here has 55) and they're all hand-stitched so I make them only rarely. In fact after my first one (the Impala) I vowed I'd never do another plush car again! You can see how long that vow lasted...
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