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  1. cows (What I sell em for anyways..)
  2. Alberta (No Roger, Michigan is not part of Canada. I've hauled something through every province in this here great country and I'm pretty sure I never ran into Michigan! hahaha)
  3. T.J.Duke

    Trucker Songs

    Well luckily I'm a trucker! haha Convoy -- C.W. McCall and covered in 2003 by Paul Brandt
  4. *Katie was never ever really one to shut-up long enough for T.J. to get a word in edge-wise, so he just let her talk herself into a hole so he could get his turn at talking.* Well me and Sue Anne weren't doin' nothing. At least not as bad as that lap dance you were giving that ugly guy in the bar. *He took another sip from his water to allow Katie enough time to pick her jaw back up off the floor.* Yeah, I saw ya. And i don't wanna see it ever again neither! There's just somethings that a man ain't meant to see his little sister do. *He winked and took off his cap, hanging it on it's hook and
  5. Here's one that I noticed, I know that it had took some other people *clears throat* GeneralLeeGirl *cough* to notice this one.. haha How many wheels are on that '18 wheeler' in Route 7-11? It ain't 18, even though everybody insists that there's 18.
  6. *With the pedal to the floor, T.J.'s steady gaining on the bank robbers started turning into steady losing.* Apparently you gotta almost smuck a deer to get a Mustang goin... *He mumbles. All he sees in his headlights anymore is the dust from the escaping crook's car. He leans back in his seat and lets off the gas, watching the RPM's go down on the dash, shifting down when necessary. Finding an approach to an old hay field, he pulls off, shuts the engine down and rolls down the window. A few miles off he can hear the sound of the black Mustang running full-boar for somewhere.* Well, guess I'd
  7. *Standing up from where he had hidden behind the car, T.J. notices a figure in a black, fast-looking car. They have probably spotted him already, judging by the fidgetyness of the figure in the driver’s seat. In a quick glance toward the bank, he sees the suspect slinking out of the bank and toward the get away car.* Why do I get in predicaments like this? *he whispers to himself. As the bank robber gets close to the car, T.J. hears the 5000 pounds of made-in-America muscle fire behind him. Without thinking, he takes a run toward the street, sliding over the hood of the car between him and t
  8. *When the explosion goes off T.J. leaps behind a parked car and hits the sidewalk hard on his stomach, knocking the air out of his lungs. He blinks his eyes rapidly, trying to get over the little bit of shock caused by the explosion.* "Guardian angel to bandit, what's taking so long?" *T.J. jumps a little at the sound of another voice in the dark, none too far away neither.*"I got it and am on my way out. See anything out there? That...um...explosion was louder than expected." *whispering to himself* Yeah, no duh! *Pushes himself up off of the hard sidewalk into a kneeling position, listening
  9. *After dropping off Sue Anne from a crazy night at the Boars Nest, T.J. is strolling back towards his pick-up where it is parked on a side street across from the bank. He hears the unmistakable sound of glass shattering.* What the heck? *He abandons his original course and tip toes up the street, sticking to the shadows, avoiding the light cast off by the old street lights. He reaches the corner drug store, taking refuge behind the deep door frame, pressing his back into the wall as to not be seen. He looks around the corner to the bank. As his eyes get more adjusted to his dark surroundings,
  10. Yep. And there was actually more seat belts than people. I felt like I was on Dukes! haha.

  11. Well, I just found this and thought that I had better put mine down. Name: Devin Duke Nickname: T.J. [Tear-jerk] Duke. (Given to him by one of his many girlfriends that he has left with broken heart) Makes his home in Hazzard, but has ventured from the big cattle ranches of Texas to the ice roads of northern Canada hauling freight. Is a second cousin to the infamous Bo & Luke Duke. 6'2" and change 180 lbs Blue eyes Has light brown hair that flips out from underneath his faded red ball cap. Wears dusty old wrangler jeans, faded black t-shirt and scuffed up old Cat work boots. Quite most of
  12. The world could use a cowboy by Adam Gregory
  13. That's true... Haha! Remember when we got pulled over by those cops in town and they said they were gonna arrest us cause we had more people than seat belts in the vehicle?

  14. What's with your signature? speaking from experience I bet. haha

  15. Well we can't have that now can we? haha Bo 19 Luke 19 Daisy 12 Jesse 19 Cooter 20 Rosco 4 Enos 7 +1 Cooter - 1 Enos
  16. wallet (Pennies are bout the only thing I got in mine! haha)
  17. Bo 19 Luke 19 Daisy 12 Jesse 18 Cooter 20 Rosco 4 Enos 8 -1 Enos +1 Cooter
  18. OW! Good thing I can run faster than you! hahaha school
  19. Oh I knew that. (I just watched that episode the other day) I'm just scared to come on tomorrow and see you running around in a dress and heels and a wig! Umm... which was Ms Tizdale, sheriff or deputy? I can't remember which one exactly but it was one of em I know.
  20. Yeah I was just watching it. A few of them hills look like they're pretty good pulls. Looks like they got some decent guys at least. Alex makes me laugh. He's a screwball in real life but on TV he's a funny guy. Hugh's about the same on TV as in real life, a pain. lol. That guy that flopped that truck over did just that, caught the edge and the snow pulled him in and he panicked and turned hard to try and get out and he flopped it. I can just see you watching Ice Pilots now GLG... In your Buffalo Air hoodie and ball cap waving your 'I Heart WW2 Planes' flag.. haha! I love how they have subtit
  21. insurance agents. (no comment. hope there's no insurance agents round here.. lol)
  22. Bo 19 Luke 18 Daisy 12 Jesse 17 Cooter 19 Rosco 6 Enos 9 -1 Enos +1 Cooter
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