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  1. You can feel that hint of Fall trying to come back around to the hills here in Hazzard County! Soon the leaves will change color and the afternoons will get cooler. The General Lee won't be the only spot of orange in the countryside as folks start decorating with pumpkins on the porch. How's the weather in your area?
  2. GOOD ONE!! Which brings me to... Car Magazines
  3. I told him I consider his déjà vu to be a stamp of approval! Mark
  4. Some nice words I got today from Cooter himself: "Alma and I are just blown away by your work. It is fantastic, and that is not a word I use very often. You continue to capture the reality with an accuracy that is in fact heightened by its "unreality', i.e., the dream world of re-creation. We are even more astonished that you are capturing the essence of the garage and the spirit of the show at such a minute scale. You have a remarkable gift. To me, you have created a work of serious art. There is no other word for it. I am having deja vu looking at these pictures. Bravo. Bravo! Ben Jones"
  5. Sci-Fi is my usual subject for models, so this project has been a nice 'down-to-earth' break from that.
  6. In fact I have written him a couple times with pictures of this project in progress and both times he wrote back some very complimentary things. I actually sent him another update last week but haven't heard back yet. Mark
  7. Wow- this is pretty special! Hazzardnet has always been welcoming place, but this is over the top; I am honored. There's really only one word fits: YEEHAW!!! I've always felt like I get more out of coming here than I contribute, so its an unexpected pleasure to know folks are enjoying what I've posted. My first hope is that I can inspire others to try something creative themselves, even (or especially) if you don't think you can do it! And when you do, share it; you don't know who you'll inspire next! And thank you to whatever sneaky Hazzard-ite nominated me! Mark
  8. Only one night shot of the garage in the entire series as I recall (Jude Emery). I wasn't going to do lights for that reason.
  9. Only one night shot of the garage in the entire series as I recall (Jude Emery). I wasn't going to do lights for that reason.
  10. Workin late in the shop tonight... Untitled by mommydawn2000, on Flickr Untitled by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  11. There is one in our neighborhood- not as big as the ones in big cities in the UK, but big enough to chase around in a General Lee (This is why I need my own General Lee). roundabout by mommydawn2000, on Flickr And so my word association entry in response to 'roundabout' is... palm tree M
  12. Anyone remember this? Promotional material from NBC... All these years later, The General still wins as the most popular mo...vie car of all time (even though KITT is still on that list somewhere close behind). knightrider2 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr knightrider3 by mommydawn2000, on Flickr
  13. That's quite a compliment Roger; not sure it lives up to that; there is a lot of fun stuff here! But I sure am glad you are enjoying it! Mark
  14. Yea, its getting there! Make me wish I was really tiny... m
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