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  1. So I finally got around to a visit again! I need to make this a bit more regular, I forgot how much I missed it around here. My last 24 hours have been a lot like the 24 hours before that, so on and so forth. Fed sheep, cook, clean and wonder what my dogs are barking at that I can't see...How is everyone?

  2. *Glares at you before shaking my head before climbing on my motorcycle* Call me whatever makes you happy, because the only person who seems to be believing your vicious lies is yourself. But whatever you do, don't you EVER compare me to him! *Turns motorcycle on and is quick to drive away*


    Sounds like things are alive and well in here...man it's good to be back!

  3. Well Roger, cleanup was actually no big deal. Ya just gotta have a system see? I was the last one out the door, with Daney leaving just second before me. I plan on being there next week too. Had a blast last night and I'm sure it will be again next Saturday. Til we chat again, God bless.

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