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  1. Howdy! How are you? I just seen you live in Ireland!!!! AHH!!! Whats it like over there? I have wanted to go there since 6th grade when I first found out what travel was...I thought it was beautiful.....

  2. Aww Man!! There is always a little truth behind every just kidding though!! That was my attempt at short n sweet...it just didn't work. And Hoss yes we did have a really good time, and like I said meet some great folks....Mama loved that she got to hear John sing, she had always wanted to hear him sing! But like I said that was just my opinion and how I seen it...there are probably other people, though none I talked to, that thought it was just perfect and things couldn't be better. But I dunno I reckon thats just how these events are. I'm sure there are other ways for their lines and stuff, the police didn't do nothin much, we told them who was cutting and they was like ooo oh well, nothing we can do... Well uhh duh yea there is...dont let them go in the line to look then mingle in, in the first place!! They can look over heads just like everyone else. I like that idea about the donate 5 bucks to charity if they use flash. I can understand him not wanting people to use flash because it hurt his eyes. But I can't see just a normal picture, my gosh I could stand 100 feet away and take a picture, and he would never know as long as there is no flash to hurt his eyes. But the ones that stood in front of him and used it...wow.... Somehow I think instead of stopping them, it would just raise a whole lot for charities.... But I really can't complain I got to see them all but Cooter, some folks only got to see two. Hahaha was there too many pictures? They probably did get boring, and to think I got 400 more to post! I will have to wait till I get fast internet, cause dial up wont cut it...but they have more of the festival and Generals and what not in them....I just have to get them uploaded...will post link when do.... Hahahahahahahahahaha yeppers....it was extremely hot...but ya woulda thunk with that on my face, my face wouldn't be peeling off at the moment!!
  3. So really it was a fun time, and quite enjoyable even though me and mama got burnt like little turkeys, I’m burnt so much my freckles are peeling off!! Oh and one other thing I want to add, the people in the booths that were helping, with the exception of Rick Hurts helper, they all seemed waaay to happy to take the money, it was almost like “Ok now I got your money, NOW GIT!!” I talked to some other folks and they felt the same way. So I don’t know, I know they would save a lot of time if they would limit the items to get signed to 2 or 3….cause there were people who had 2 garbage bags of stuff to get signed. But even with all that kind of stuff overall it was an enjoyable first experience for me, even though I really missed a hug from John! =P Like I said there were flaws but those can be worked on, and some of them that is just what happens. But I sure do hope and pray they have one next year and maybe they can get Mr. Tom I want nothing to do with the Dukes of Hazzard Wopat there next year. For about 5 minutes I thought he flew in on a helicopter and was gonna surprise everyone, it was across the field and I took a picture, the first one looked like him but the more pictures I took we established it wasn’t him. This place in Sperryville was great, just Beautiful, parking was quite the walk, but It was free and in the field! It was really nice, they put all the kids activities at the bottom of the field where the parents could look down and keep an eye on them which was nice. But I had a lot of fun!! Mama had to laugh cause she said when you think about it, we spent less on out motel room than we did at Rosco's booth!! It was a very family firendly event....it was the first place I have found that I heard no cussin, it wasn't the f word every other word...and my gosh the folks had manners!!!! I loved it..... But like I said event was family friendly had something for everyone...cars....actors....BMX bike tricks....wrestlin....Kids stuff....etc..etc......but for me some of the prices wasn't family friendly especially if you got more than one kid and drove any distance.... Ok so that was my long winded story that I’m sure everyone is asleep by now if you actually read it. I have the tendency to make the most interesting thing the most boring thing ever! I got a lot of pictures, I have some uploaded on facebook, but not all of them so if you wanna look at the ones I have uploaded here is the link: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2335752477951.134890.1374015528&l=61022b6fbd&type=1 It should work….I will upload some on here to the Hazzard Homecoming gallery…if y’all want…and then I have a lot more to add to facebook!! =] Ok I reckon I’ve talked enough…thanks for listenin!! Sorry there was soooo much! Hope it all made some sense...
  4. So then there was Sunday….and everyone we had heard the day before was coming from Bo. So we got there bout 8…the gates opened at 9:30…and hahahaha instead of everyone peacefully walking to John’s line, it was a mad dash who could get in line first. So my mama married me to some guy so Id stick with him the rest of the day….I was supposed to keep up with him but he had long legs! I was only three steps behind him but then I lost my footing so I ended up like 20 people behind him…But he was really nice…I wish I had gotten his name. But everyone took off running, folks sent their kids to run, and lesson learned the hard way, don’t run with a chair, it really slows you down!! I felt like an idiot, but it was either run and wait an hour, or walk and wait 5 hours….All the folks that wasn’t running and had sent someone else, was yelling “Run Forrest…RUN!!!†They cut the line within 10 minutes….500 people was already in it. Luckily I was like 100…..They also had a special needs line, which was great. But there was one thing…Dear Mr. John really needs to learn it ain’t about money. Cause that sure is what it seemed to be. Sure he was super nice…kinda….and was all smiles….But you see everything of John’s was $20….If you wanted a picture 20 bucks, if you wanted an autograph 20 bucks, if you wanted a picture with him 20 bucks, if you had something of yours you wanted signed 20 bucks….For each and everything 20 bucks….highway robbery to me…but that’s just me….The one thing a lot of people had a problem with is that he charged the people in the special needs line to get a picture with him….Yea he shouldn’t have done that, least in my opinion along with some other folks. Another problem is he charged the first 100 people to get their picture with him, then when we got to me, he told the guy in front of me that was the last picture he was doing, we was already in the tent so mama asked if he would take one with me, he didn’t charge, but I got my picture with him by the skin of my teeth, I was the last one, he said no more…So an hour later I looked back at the tent and he was doing posed pictures again, and most likely charging. I was majorly disappointed though that I was unable to get my hug, because everything became really rushed for like a half hour but then it was back to normal. I was really lookin forward to my Bo hug!! So my experience with John was ok….This was also the line where I listened to them bash Daisy and the other actors…. Then next I went to see Enos…We waited bout an hour….I think his pictures were $10, and an autograph was $5, and a picture with him was $10. He was super nice, and sooo sweet…He looks almost exactly the same only older. He still has that crazy smile… 8D Sooo nice… The experience there was great! No trouble or anything, well there was once in line when we was standing there and people would go through the line, so you would move a little to let them through. Well the one time I stepped back to let 3 people through, and I turned around to say something to mama and when I turned back around, those folks didn’t go through the line, they just plopped themselves right there in front of me, plain as day. But I got to meet Enos. Then we went to see Cletus…His line wasn’t so long. We waited no problems. His pictures were $10….an autograph was $5, and a picture with him was free with purchase, if no purchase then it was $5. He was really nice and sweet to!! I was all flustered though…Cause I asked if I would get something else autographed, and the lady that was helping, just with the most serious face, said “No you can’t, we are all out of them†I was soo confused it wasn’t funny…and then she started laughin, and the lady behind us in line said that my face was priceless…But she was really nice, and then I fell over the table going back to get my picture with him. It was great….But I reckon you had to be there. So after that we heard Cooters line was cut, and he had been gone since 12, and said he would be back, but the line was still there. We took all of our stuff to the car, and then went and got in Cooters line hoping that he would come back out.This was the first time during the weekend that we got to see the singers on the stage. So Cooter still hadn’t came back, it had been like 45 minutes since I got there…the other folks had been waiting since 12, it was like 5:30….Then Cooter came out on stage, and sung a song. Then he brought Ol John out…and well the best thing ever…John started singin…I LOVE his voice…I took recordings, Id like to put them on youtube, but I don’t know if he would have something to say about that…So I guess I won’t fer the moment. He sung “You Ain’t Seen the Last of me first†And then between the songs and what not John and Ben would just go back and forth between each other with jokes. The one time Ben put his arm around John and Ben said that he “had known him since he was like 16.†John said, :The only difference between then and now is Ben used to put him arm around me as a friend, now he does so he can stand.†Ben said,†well we all need supportâ€, and they both just started laughin. Then after another song Ben said that “he was proud of John, manily because he taught John everything he knows†Then John said, “Yea and what we did the rest of the afternoon I don’t know!†They just had a really good time it seemed. Then John sung “I’ve Been Around Enough to Know†Then he sung “Country Girls.†He had his “Bo Duke†shirt on, and his P90X tank top on under that, the Bo shirt was unbuttoned and he went to take that off and all the women in that audience went WILD! Just a screamin and hollerin….and so he kept it on but then they started hollerin more and he took it off, and hahahaha they really went crazy with him and that tank top!! Then him and Ben talked some. Then him and Ben sung The National Anthem of Tennessee…AKA Rocky Top…and John played the gee-tar. After that John sung “I’ve been around Enough to Know†In which his lyrics went something like this: You know you shouldn’t be here… *Talks* So go away!*What am I supposed to do, don’t you know I found a new love, *talks: it’s so sad* I’m trying to be true…. Didn’t you say you fed Rover, how does he keep hangin on, poor dogs no longer moving, please give that canine a bone, what’s a memory like you,*talks I had to do something* doing in a love like this. Then he finished it the way the actual song was. Then he sung a jazzy soundin song, that I didn’t get recorded because my memory card was full and my batteries died…but then I switched cameras with mama and she took pictures and I recorded on here. They did a bluegrass song, and after that Cooter started to bring them all up on stage, that was great, it looked like they was havin soo much fun and was sooo happy to see each other, I am so glad I recorded it, and so did almost every other person there. When they brought Rosco out, he had a song, a clean family friendly song, with no music. I think it went something like this: I got married last Friday my little wife was right there beside me, and my friends were all gone, and we were all alone side by side, we was so happily wed when she got ready for bed bed…her teeth and her hair she placed on a chair, one glass eye so shiny two hearing aids so small, and then she took her one leg off and placed it on a chair by the wall, I stood there broken hearted the best part of my girl had departed, so I slept on the chair there was more of here there, side by side. Then they introduced Daisy, and by that time they had all made it on stage, they Sung the Good Ol Boys, and Cooter said his thanks, they posed for pictures, and they played the music till they had to leave. It was great, a really fun time. So I went back to Cooters line and I was still in the same place when I had left it and all the folks who had been waitin since 12 were still there. But then like 50 people came and got behind us, so when he got off stage those 50 new people who just got in line rushed up to the fence and had him sign instead of waiting till he came back to the tent. Then everyone started pushing forward so they got the police to push people backwards and create a barrier around him and some of the folks that hadn’t waited in line. All of them that had waited since noon got pushed back and everyone that had just jumped line got his autograph…so that wasn’t right, or fair to the folks who had stood there all day for nothing. So I didn’t get to see Cooter =( Maybe next year.
  5. First off...This is what happens after a Hazzard Homecoming, and you've been cooked like a goose.... You die...lmao Anyways....I was sooo glad that hotel had a pool...Thanks Brian for recommending it...it was a nice little place to stay, it actually looked like my grandma's house inside!! And there was this great little restaurant called the Brookside Restaurant....The rest of the time we had to eat dollar menu from Mickey D's cause Hazzard Homecoming ate all our money!! But it was nice... My Hazzard Homecoming Experience….. For those of you who don’t wanna read my long winded drawn out story of everything that happened…here it is in a nutshell….Sorta….And then comes my long winded story of what happened…. But before y’all read this…in what I say…I mean no disrespect to the actors themselves or the people helping….eveything I say is how I saw it and how I felt about it, and my own personal opinions. I mean no disrespect at all…. So here goes…. Short Version: After a few hours there… was sad/disappointed to see that the family friendly, good moral, entertaining show had been turned into something just to get money and not really care bout the fans who got them where they got… It was basically just highway robbery at a few of the lines….Because honestly that is what it seemed like. There was a good many fans that I ain’t sure how they called themselves fans…all they did was dis the cast, dis the show, and for a half hour probably they went on about how huge Daisy had gotten and how bad she looked…from the way they went on you woulda thought she weight 800 lbs….She looked Normal!!! Then all the ones that cut line…then the police wouldn’t do a thing to stop them….the folks that waited in line for fours hours got jipped outta meeting some of the cast because of ones that jumped line….Uhhh oh this doesn’t look like a short version….Anyways don’t get me wrong I had an AWESOME time….even though I got roasted like a turkey….but it was fun….I did meet some great people…and getting to meet the cast was a great honor….They all seemed nice…I didn’t get the chance to meet Cooter though…..Waited in line…..but here that didn’t get you anywhere….But even though there were a lot of flaws….the second day when the whole cast got on stage…well John sung some songs…like 4 or 5…which was AWESOME….I love his voice…..and then the whole cast got on stage sung…talked….had a good ol time….I tried recordin it all….but in order to get a good recordin I woulda hat to take peoples hats…cut their puffy hair off….etc…but m sure the folks behind me wanted to do the same thing to me…..But when they were all on state they looked sooo happy and like they was havin a really good time. So that in a way made up for all the crap….It had its flaws but those can be worked on….all in all it was a really good time…and the place they had it….was just BEAUTIFUL!! I loved it….I hope they do have it agin next year….and in the same place…since its been way down south for so long…Sperryville will give the folks up north a better chance at getting to see them…. But it was a really good time!! And then here are some of the pictures of me and the cast…my face is blotted out cause there is no need to break the website or computer… hahaha ….That and it annoys everyone… Ok that was my short version…..hahaha sorry….Now here is my long version… So we left Friday morning….That way we could go to Staunton Va….home of The Statler Brothers…then go down some of The Blue Ridge Parkway and back up Skyline Drive. These places were beautiful….the Blue Ridge mountains in places were just breathtaking. So quick story bout this…I was driving back up the Parkway and there was something in the road, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I figured I was gonna hit it cause It wasn’t moving very fast….so I went past it, it was a snake…a rattle snake….So I put the car in reverse and backed up the road till I got beside it…and talk bout a sound I never wanna hear agin…that snake was just a rattling….anyways I got the camera out and snapped some pictures of it before it got in the grass and you couldn’t see it no more. I figured that would be my only chance to get a picture of a rattler in the wild that close from the safety of my car….Now I wish Id thrown a gummy bear or something at it so it would have coiled up and turned around….But I didn’t think about that until down the road. Then we started onto Skyline Drive, and I had stopped so mama could take a picture of one of the signs, bout that time I started hollerin “Take the bear, Take the bear!!†She was like “what Bear?†I said “The one behind the sign you are taking!†Sure nough there was a little baby bear cub turning over the rocks and eating the grub. No more than 5 feet from the car, so we got some good pictures of him…then on down the road a mommy deer and little baby deer with spots came jumping out of the woods, so I stopped and we took pictures. Then a couple different times we got pictures of more deer and more bambi’s. So we got drove back up through, and we was at Sperryville, ready for the next day!! Hazzard Homecoming. We got there at probably 8, the gates wasn’t supposed to open until 9…but they was already parking people, and so we went and parked and stood in line, there was already a line forming. We wasn’t that far back, So finally the gates opened, I went to James Best line first, because I haven’t seen to many events that he has been siging at, so I didn’t figure I would get the chance agin to meet him so that is the line we got in. We was about 80 back or so…wasn’t that bad. Took about45 minutes to get through….I was soo excited I got to meet Rosco P. Coltrain that I really couldn’t do anything but smile…..Its funny when I have a sober face you can see where my laugh lines aren’t burnt because they never seen sun. I was too busy smiling…..Anyways everyone was snapping pictures of Mr. Best, and then the cops came and told everyone they couldn’t, and then we started to read the sign there that no photos of Mr. Best were allowed. So everyone started sneaking them….Id liked to slapped some of the people that used flashed, because that is probably the main reason he wouldn’t allow any pictures, because when he did and said no flash people used flash anyways and he got tired of it. But I did get some of him that was good. So his autograph stuff….I think pictures like 8x10’s were $20….If you had something to get signed it was $5…..and the only way you could get a picture of you and him if you bought one of his paintings, or if you bought one of the copies of his paintings. The copies were $50. So basically a picture with Mr. Best was $50. I went to get my picture with the cast, so I bought one of the copies. It was The Ghost of The General Lee….I liked it, now I just have to get a frame for it. Also he would only sign a car part if you made a minimum donation of $25….it would be donated to some pet shelter….I don’t remember the name off hand. He was nice, he didn’t say much, course neither did I, cause I could only smile, but I got to shake his hand…. He looked really tired, and seemed like it was hard to sign all that stuff. But he had a smile through it all. Then after that, since I hadn’t met Daisy yet, I decided to get in her line….ha now that was interesting. I stood there in line from 11:00am until 5:00pm to meet her. There was two lines, there was a special needs line, which I think was great they need to do that, but they need to run them through first and then the other people. The only problem with the special needs line, was that people without special needs was getting in it, and seeing her a whole lot sooner. Then in the regular line there were people who would go through, blend in with someone and stay there. The one lady came and stood there didn’t look at anyone or nothing just walked right in line. One of the folks we was talking to said something in a loud whisper that the lady who had just made her way in front of us moved on towards the back. So we stood, and stood, and eventually sat. I was lucky to be in line with really nice folks. Then it started sprinkling, and thundering. Just as we got about 10 feet from the tent it started to down pour….Everyone that didn’t have an umbrella looked like drowned rats. Then just as me and the group of folks I was in line with got to the beginning of the tent. The people came in the little golf cart to take her away to the stage. Just as we got there, the lady had said you’re probably going to have to leave. But just as they was getting ready to take her to the stage…It down poured again, it started lightning and thundering. They couldn’t have the stage show with lightning. Thank God it did, because if it hadn’t she would have went to the stage show and we all would have stood I line for absolutely nothing, but did meet some new friends….Who said rain wasn’t a good thing!! So got there, and Daisy’s 8x10 pictures I think were $15 and $10….and a picture with her was either $5 or $10. She was super nice, and she thanked everyone for waiting in line. While we were in line her two daughters brought around free water and candy and slim Jims and necklaces. So that was really nice of them. So I got my picture with her, even though I looked like a drowned rat. The lady behind me in line, her name was actually Daisy Mae. So by that time it was basically over with through the night. I watched Cooter sing a few songs, and then everyone but Mr. Best got up on stage and sung Good Ol Boys….and it was nice….The hot air balloon rides didn’t get to happen. And they said they probably wouldn’t be able to set the fireworks off. So we left, and as we was going down the highway up in the air there was fireworks! Gosh they were awful pretty…So I assume that they were from Hazzard Homecoming.
  6. Hey Hi Howdy! Just wanty a quick hi....still tryin to recover....pick pictures out I wanna post and what not....But I will have some stuff to share shortly...once I find a Mickey Ds with wifi.....hahaha....
  7. And thanks for mentioning about the fair, if we are still down there...that might be something that I will visit!!
  8. Wow...thanks y'all for all the information...Though Brian when I first read it I was reading it on my phone and it would only show one post at a time. And the first thing I read was about how you didn't want to give the name out of the motel you stayed at and then you never did, and I was there thinkin oh great...I have no idea where to stay or get reservations, absolutely no idea...I'm gonna get stuck in the middle of no where sleeping in the car along side a road!! But then I went to the next post and that helped me out a lot...thank you sooo much for all the information and it gave me a chuckle too!! =] Now I don't know if everything is ok, but from that statement I hope you are doing well and are feeling better. =) And Lord willing and if the creek don't rise (This place isn't prone to flooding is it?) I'm going to Hazzard Homecoming...well me and mama....I got our tickets the other day. The Hillside Motel is all booked up fer Saturday, but they have a couple openings for Sunday. We will probably stay a few extra days to explore and take pictures! Though from what you said.... I ain't gonna be very welcomed down in that neck of the woods!! hahaha Oh well...I think it will be ok...I hope....Bo's Belly Barn...that sounds interestin enough...I think we may go there just cause of the name!! 8) But it sounds like y'all had a TON of fun....and did a lot of fun things.....and possibly some questionable ones. I think this is gonna be a fun trip...and pictures...OF COURSE PICTURES!!! I always take pictures....so when I'm 90 I can look back and hopefully remember all the good times!! I just bought a brand new 4GB memory card for this event...and mama bought an 8GB memory card for it....but we usually have a competition on who can take the best pictures!! But.. I couldn't agree more myself...well put!! Ok Thank you agin for all the information and recomendations yall, I really really appreciate it. I can't wait till the 13th and 14th! Is anyone on Hazzardnet attendin this event??
  9. Hope you have been keepin outta trouble!! ;)

  10. Yep...I missed this place...and life is GREAT!! I've been havin a lot of fun...any chance you got time to chat?

  11. HOWDY HOWDY HOWDY!! How are you??

  12. Howdy Y'all!! Hope everyone is doin good.... I aint quite sure where to post this at, so I hope here is ok...I just have a couple questions about the Hazzard Homecoming I thought someone might know the answer to or inform me on a little more than I know. So I've looked at the flyers on Cooters Place website and on facebook, and all they say is Sperryville Virginia. Does anyone know an adress of the place in Sperryville it is going to be at? Or is Sperryville such a small town we will be able to find it no matter what? Can anyone tell me about Sperryville, because I'm not finding much on the web....is it a big town or small town?? Also another question...sorry if these are dumb but I don't know... Motels and Hotels near there...that aren't like 100 bucks a night....When I looked them up all I could find was really expensive Inns and Bed and Breakfasts...So if anyone could point me in the direction of motels and hotels if you could I would be greatly appreciative!! Basically any information would be appreciated. Like I said I'm not findin out much about this place....it could be I'm just looking in the wrong places....But thanks for anything you can let me know!!
  13. Howdy Howdy! Hows you? I am awsome!! What have you been up to? How is the The little sheriff? Still ornery? What kind of puppy is he?? awwwwww poor Lilly...I guess thats a puppy though...full of energy... :)

  14. Howdy Howdy! Hows you? And a little Sherrif? How do you mean?

  15. OOo I take it you got a new puppy?? Yep all is great here...

  16. Happy Belated Birthday!! :) I hope you had a good day....I'm only a few weeks late with the well wishings!! hahaha.... I just wanted to say hi...hope all is doing good.... How have you been?

  17. I DID!! I DID!! I LOVED IT!! ITS MY NEW FAVORITE COMMERCIAL!! lol....sorry....Hmm guess I shoulda read the other forums before I posted about it in the NFL playoff one.... That was like one of only three I liked...I didn't think they was that great this year....But the one with Bo and Luke was!!
  18. *squeals* *screams* *jumps up and down* Hahaha not because the Steelers are losin They will make a come back/..but because I just seen the BESTEST SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL EVER!!! It was the Best Fans Ever commercial...but it was a bunch of clips from the old TV shows...and I thought it was cool cause it had Fonzi and some others and then BAM outta no where....There's Bo and Luke flyin through the air in the General Lee!!! AHHHHHHHH I thought I was gonna lose it!! lol....My new favorite commercial...Did anyone else see it if y'all was watchin??
  19. Ok so I seen this..I assume its true....does anyone else have any other information?? hahahahahaha....I was on facebook today and I have James Best added as one of my friends...the title and picture caught my attention....This is what I seen on facebook: and And for anyone who doesnt want to read my babble...the links to the website are at the bottom of this post.... But here is the write up for the movie on the website: THE KILLER SHREWS ARE BACK, A TV Reality Show hires CAPTAIN THORNE SHERMAN (James Best) and his boat to cargo supplies to the deserted offshore island they're using as a filming location. Thorne would have normally refused the job because he's been to that island before and stills sees it in his nightmares. Unfortunately, he needs the money and he's not getting much business these days. Together with his first mate ROOK (Rick Hurst), they sail - to a place Thorne Sherman never wanted to see again as long as he lived; the island of the KILLER SHREWS. As the TV crew and two-fisted animal expert JOHNNY RENO (John Schneider) shoot their reality show, some of the cast and crew go missing, attacked and eaten in a bloody feeding frenzy by strange creatures. But tough as nails Producer STELLA, sleazy Director WILLARD and manipulative Writer LENORA couldn't care less about the human cost. They are ruthlessly focused on getting their show in the can, regardless of the body count. Only cute young camera operator MICKEY (Jennifer Lyons) and her on-again off-again boyfriend SAM grow concerned about their vanished friends. And Captain Thorne grows uneasy. Only he knows that the island holds hidden danger. Only he knows why people are dying. Once again, the place is crawling with giant Killer Shrews, the result of a 50 year old experiment gone terribly wrong. And time is running out to get off the island before they all turn into bloody Shrew bait. ********************** Is there really anymore one can say about this?? I will watch it just because of the cast!! That and I love horror movies with fake lil critters in them!! ********************** The one below is the movies website... http://killershrewsmovie.com/index.html This one is about the movie...but it also has the Original Movie "Killer Shrews" staring James Best posted on it so you can watch it also! I just did....I liked it...The Shrews were hysterical!! Can't wait to see them on the new movie http://twitchfilm.com/news/2011/02/52-years-later-captain-thorne-sherman-fears-the-return-of-the-killer-shrews.php Lookey who it is!! (I discovered how to take screen shots from my computer!! haha) P.S. Watch yer toes!! <---- Killer Shrews P.S.S. I hope all of this made sense!
  20. Howdy Howdy! Welcome to Hazzardnet!! I hope ya like it here...sure is full of nice people and great conversation topics...The Dukes!! It is always nice to talk to fellow fans!! And like Hoss said that is great that your kids love the show...Now they need a Dixie horn!! I may be with todays generation but I can't stand most of the crap on tv...and it is sooo nice to go back and watch the older shows like The Dukes of Hazzard...and some of my favorites: Gilligans Island, Mister Ed, I Dream of Jeanie, and The Beverly Hillbillies... What a cowinkydink!! That is my favorite episode too!! It is just the one I remember most...andI LOVED it!! Ok I will stop babbling now....again Welcome to Hazzardnet....Hope you stay awhile!!
  21. Hahaha...16 days will go by quickly!! That sounds like a good idea to me!! I just always forget when they are on...and then I don't get to see them...maybe I will remember better this year!! lol....

    Awww dern...well I will talk to ya later...Have a great day tomorrow...Try not to freeze :p

    hink we need to start getting you into it as well...

  22. Hola!! Class was good today...It was just math...lol...But I actually like math since I started college....and my day was good...

    So are you excited for NASCAR?? (hahaha dumb question...I know :p) How was your day?

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