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  1. For the Muses... You know who you are Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones Childhood living is easy to do The things you wanted I bought them for you Graceless lady you know who I am You know I can't let you slide through my hands Wild horses, couldn't drag me away Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away I watched you suffer a dull aching pain Now you decided to show me the same No sweeping exits or off stage lines Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind Wild horses, couldn't drag me away Wild wild horses couldn't drag me away I know I've dreamed you a sin and a lie I have my freedom but I
  2. Have I been summoned? Yes I'm around... Barely, or you could say 'Bearly' *giggles* sorry nature pun. I will try to keep tabs and be here.
  3. I know when I wrote with Valerie it was like music, the story would flow from my heart and my mind. Many times when she was writing with another muse in an emotionally charged moment my body would sometimes shake. Sometimes I would cry at some of the scenes wrote. When music was combined with writing, it felt like art, like painting in my mind. My point is... it's been so long since I wrote like that. There was a time I could write such emotion on my own and it's not that I can't do it anymore, I'm sure I can. It's just that, I haven't made time for such writing and now I find a lot of my emot
  4. A few days ago as I was driving down the local highway in the company vehicle, a similar sound floated on the radio waves and the tune from the local classic rock station sent a pang in my sentimental heart. The song that played was called "Wild Horses" and was performed by the band "The Rolling Stones". I felt my lip quiver and I could have cried but I knew I needed to keep my composure because I was picking up two of my "clients" in about a half hour and confidence is of the essence in my line of work. For it was about five years ago, I was sitting in a tiny dorm room, curled in a blanket an
  5. I have recently had a very unfortunate event happen to me. I was a victim of crime. This event has happened to me before and I realize that I need to be more careful, maybe it's a warning from the powers that be that I need to be more careful and less trusting of the world. However... with that being said, I currently work in a line of work that I have to deal with budding criminal minds every day. I have to help them complete their court ordered obligations so they can begin the rehabilitation processes. Now, after being a victim today of crime... I am reminded how different I am from crimi
  6. Daisy stopped and paused mentally examining him for the moment. The sound of his voice echoed the foreignness of his presence here but to look at this young fellow he blended right in. Cooter’s voice came back into her mind and she suddenly could feel her gut wrench, “Boy, where exactly are ya from?†Joel bit down on the French fry that he held in his fingers as his eyes widened at her question. He slowly chewed on it as if time was dragging to a screeching hault at any moment. He swallowed then wiped his hands off on a napkin and cupped his hand over his mouth as he spoke till the food
  7. Oh wow! Thank you so much guys! I guess I definately need to pop in here more. I do love the dukes still and have the full box set at home. My husband and I love watching the DVDs on the few nights that we do have time together. I tell you, bliss for a Duke fan is marrying a Duke fan. Thank you so much for this honnor. I have wrote duke fan fiction, specializing in Enos fiction. I find writing calming and exciting. Thank you so much for the congrads everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been around as much but I hope to return and continue my writing.
  8. Oh boy, first cars! My first car was a 1989 charcoal Chevy Capric Classic. It was a boat of a car, and built like a tank. I had it for only a week after my driver's test and I ended up putting it in an 18 foot drainage ditch after going home from a 4-H meeting. It was late and another car was coming at me down a narrow country road and I over compensated and put the car down in the ditch. I had my seat belt on but was trapped in the ditch and water was just starting to leak in. I probably could have climbed through the window but my folks told me to remain still in a wreck and try to get help,
  9. That is long overdue, however Captain, I'm pleased to salute you on Fan o' the Month! All the woodland creatures of Hazzard forest give you their best! You give great comentary and are an excellent debater. Congrads! Val
  10. Soon Joel was pulling into a gravel lot in front of the roadhouse. He noticed the hand painted sign with the wild pig. Something told the young man that he would be able to find local Southern hospitality and a hot, home-style meal. Joel got out of his truck and walked to the door, the air was hot and muggy and the noisy from inside could be hear vibrating through the door. It was Friday and getting close to the supper hour, the parking lot was packed and Joel hoped he was right on his instincts. Daisy was busy bussing tables and taking checks when she glanced up from a pile of dishes in on
  11. i1976, I've always loved your portals of Daisy and Enos. You are not a fool. Brian is right and the fact that you keep on with your creativity makes you a true artist. You give something you love, your own look and style. I love your style. I know my own is different but that's the beauty of being a fanfic writer and an artist. You develope a style which is a sense of giving the world a peice of yourself. I love your work and would love to see more.
  12. Oh Roger, I'm rolling on the floor laughing at all the pics and feeling younger and younger by the moment. I love the pictures, flapjacks, flash, buzzards, buzzsaws, pony and Judas Priest, all of it. It's enough to make a 30 something go to 3! Ya'll are great friends for pick me ups. Yeah, Roger, I'm around but I'm in short supply these days. I wish I come around more. I know I need to write. It would help me go back to that youthfulness and get rid of stress. Thanks guys.
  13. For all of those who have been around here a while and maybe some new folks that can shed light on this dilema... Why is it, I feel old? Does anyone look in the mirror and go, Gaaaahhhh! in the morning and say, 'Where did the time go?'. I talk to people younger than me all the time and they tell me they love the Dukes but can't tell me a thing about the show. Yes the Dukes of Hazzard is Iconic we all know and are greatful, but as a fan of the orginial, do you ever get that longing, mid-life crisis feeling of 'I wish I could see John and Tom as Bo and Luke again!'. I guess I came up with a sol
  14. I'd love to attend the 17th however the 'Strate' family is having their annual Christmas party at 4pm EST and I don't know when that will end. Could be 6pm but it could be 8pm. So I may not be able to attend. On the 20th, I am out on patrol till 7pm EST and have to come home to supper. So the earliest I could come on is again, 8pm EST. See a pattern? I'd love to attend and see everyone but I don't think folks will be sticking around till that late if you start at 6pm. Just a suggestion but some of us second shifters can't make that.
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